Hurricane Preparedness

The Power of Having a Plan

One storm can significantly disrupt daily business operations. So, when it comes to preparing for hurricanes, it’s never to early to have a plan. Having a backup generator ensures you and your business are out of harm’s way when a storm hits.

“Generac was able to provide the level of quality we needed but at the economical price that was within the budget. ” – Joy Sinderbrand, NYCHA Recovery and Resilience Department

As the leader in emergency power and preparedness, Generac has an expansive line of power system solutions ready to support you when severe weather arises. Take the first step toward preparing your business today.

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Emergency Power Planner

This step by step guide walks you through the entire process of securing a backup power solution.

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When the power goes out due to a natural disaster, businesses fall victim to the negative effects including decreased productivity, increased liability, damaged equipment and lost customers. With these power outages happening more frequently and for long amounts of time, backup generators give a layer of safety and security not found in the dark. Generac Industrial Power is here to provide you with a reliable back-up power solution that’s right for your business. Watch our 30 minute webinar where we walk you through creating a business continuity plan that ensures your business doesn't suffer the next time the power is out.
In addition we also discuss:

  • The Generator Installation Process
  • Fuel Options and Their Benefits
  • Code Compliance
  • Gen-set Maintenance
  • Distributor Support and Resources
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