Backup Power for Data Centers

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You provide your customers with a 99.999% uptime guarantee, standard in the industry. Your company may also be supporting multi-tenancy computing, co-location, and facilitating new platforms around cloud computing and virtualization. These platforms have new data center power systems requirements. Average power consumption at the rack is going up and more power needs to be available to support growth and backup/emergency power supplies.

Generac Industrial Power responds to these challenges with genset systems that deliver the best available technology with massive kWs and a support network offering industry-leading expertise.

Been There, Done That
Continuous duty, onsite power is one of the key factors that is required for data centers to obtain Tier III or Tier IV certification from the Uptime Institute*. Continuous power is used for applications where there is no utility power and the generator set is relied upon to supply a constant load for an unlimited number of hours annually such as remote power data center stations or co-location facilities. Generac provides a range of data center voltage solutions that have been used nationwide in Tier Certified facilities.
* The Uptime Institute is a third-party data center research, education and consulting organization focused on improving performance and efficiency in data center design, management, and operations.

Back it Up With Generac's MPS

Generac’s proven Modular Power System (MPS) for paralleling generators offers data centers the power, redundancy, scalability, and safety required. One of the key advantages is that you can specify the backup system for the power you need now, not in the future. This allows you to spend more of your initial capital on servers and other equipment. As your power needs grow, it’s easy to “add on” another generator to meet your growing needs.

The MPS approach does not require paralleling controls in dedicated third-party switchgear, so expansion generators can tie either directly to the generator bus or to a breaker on that bus. The generators do not have to be next to each other on a pad to be paralleled, so you can spread the field and your potential risk.

In addition, our MPS allows you to combine fuel options: diesel, natural gas, or even bi-fuel. This not only gives you the benefits of genset redundancy, you also have fuel redundancy. Natural gas relies on a strong underground pipeline network that is rarely impacted by weather or other crisis events—providing another critical advantage.

Proven Gemini™ MPS Twin-Pack Meets Space Requirements

For many applications, space is at a premium. To help meet these needs, Generac introduced the first and only compact paralleled solution that houses two 500 kW generators within a single enclosure. The Gemini™ MPS Twin Pack provides 1000 kW of power in a footprint that is 20% smaller compared to single large genset. In addition, up to seven Gemini gensets can be paralleled without additional switchgear, for a total output of up to 7000 kW on a single bus.

Generac Removes the Anxiety Involved with Medium Voltage Generator Systems

With the unquenchable thirst for more power, we are finding more data centers are considering medium voltage solutions that use a medium voltage alternator and ANSI C37.20.2 gear. At the same time, many staff members and contractors are hesitant to work with medium voltage systems. The solution — Generac, MPS.

By paralleling on the low voltage side and feeding one or multiple transformers, many system advantages can be realized:
  • Facility staff are typically more comfortable interacting with low voltage generators.
  • Low voltage equipment is much easier and quicker to source.
  • Low voltage rental equipment can be used when needed.
  • No medium voltage paralleling switchgear sections are required, resulting in a smaller footprint and significant cost savings

View Generac Industrial Power Videos

University of Utah Case Study

University of Utah Case Study

To protect their employees and expansive data center, the University of Utah turned to Generac Industrial Power for a backup power solution that could safeguard their infrastructure, fit in a limited space and meet their strict budgeting needs.
Data Center Case Study - VENYU

Data Center Case Study - VENYU

See for yourself how Generac Industrial Power helps keep VENYU Commercial Data Center in Baton Rouge, LA up and running.

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