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Affordable, sustainable, reliable—electro-hydrogen generators provide energy for today and tomorrow. By harnessing the power of water through electrolysis, these generators are not just ready in an instant, they're better for the planet.


Zero Noise, Zero Emissions, Net Zero!

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Hydrogen Power Generator

Compact, Efficient, Quiet

Get more sustainable power from a smaller footprint. When it comes to electro-hydrogen generators, GEH2 is the most compact, efficient model in the market. It delivers 110kVA without delay, yet takes up less than four square meters, thanks to its Toyota® fuel cells and optimized design.

And while it's built tough, it runs at a whisper. Need more oomph to back operation? No problem. You can safely and easily mount the system in a series to reach 1MVA.


Plug and Play Anywhere

GEH2 was developed to be a flexible solution for any environment. It's plug-and-play configuration makes it suitable for virtually all sectors and demands. Whether it's energy autonomy, backup power, a confined space, or strict emissions regulations—GEH2 will accommodate your site requirements.

Solutions By Industry

Smart Power

It's not just sustainable, it's smart. Using on-board intelligence, GEH2 informs you when the hydrogen level is low or maintenance is necessary. You can even opt in to alert our technicians directly. Its 4G connection continuously monitors your GEH2 fleet, so you can check on usage, reserve status, trends, and more from anywhere.


4G Connection

Uses SIM card with 4G connection for remote monitoring

Cloud Data

Collect and see the data you need, when you need it most.

Maintenance Alerts

Dispatch maintenance and repairs through alerts.

Drawing of hydro generators

Specs and Dimensions

Dimensions: 43.3”W x 88.7”H x 129.9”L

Weight: 7,500 lbs

Power: 110kVA / 88kW in ESP, 110kVA / 80kW in PRP

Warranty: 2 years or 6,500 hours

Output voltage: 400 / 480V, 50-60Hz

Protection index: IP43

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Onboard Fuel Cell Technology is made by Toyota and used in the Toyota Mirai Hydrogen car.