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As grid demand grows, so do your concerns. What will happen in a major outage? How can you do your part to reduce your operational footprint? Be ready for anything and turn your CapEx into an OpEx decision.

Our Energy Management optimizes energy production and consumption—all at a lower cost to your business and our planet.

Make your energy work for you!


Our Energy Management Solutions

With Generac, you get a partner at every phase of your advanced power management project. We’ll work with you to find the optimal solution, from turnkey options to custom-designed systems. Plus, we’ll make sure you’re covered with financing
services, industry-leading warranties, sensible service agreements, and parts that are always available. Expect expertise for your power needs.

Check out our complete portfolio offering.

Behind the Meter
Make sure your power is available before you pay a dime to the utility company. Our diesel line of products handle varying loads required for block loading, load transients, operational flexibility, and a broad operating window.

Demand Response
You can play a role in grid management by shifting your electricity during peak hours. Our EPA non-emergency certified natural gas and diesel generators provide low rich-burn emissions, making them ideal for demand response applications. Our Grid Services team and Concerto™ platform can provide cost analysis for your specific application and geography, so you save more than just energy.

Partner smart from the start. Generac’s partner network makes it simple … build trust with building owners. Avoid CapEx costs like equipment and maintenance with sensible solutions that guarantee beneficial outcomes for your business. 

Leasing & Financing
Turn your CapEx into an OpEx decision. Our solid partner network offers flexible, low-risk leasing and financing options to bring more cost predictability to your bottom line. Whatever your budget, code, or site requirements, there's a solution for you.

Maintenance & Warranties
Our warranties rival the industry, backing your investment with more years and a nationwide network of independent dealers (across our 50 states and into Canada). Our dealers also drive maintenance agreement to make sure your generators are ready for action during an emergency or demand response.

Microgrid Integration
We'll work with you to build an optimized self-contained network that allows you to generate your own electricity onsite. So when you need it, it's ready on your terms. Connect to the grid or run in "island" mode—the power is in your control. Microgrids can combine natural gas generators, renewable energy resources (solar, wind, hydro, geothermal), and battery energy storage.

Remote Microgrids
Remote Microgrids benefit both the utility company and its business customers, especially those at the end of the distribution line. Utilities can leverage the microgrid and distribute its energy resources with higher resiliency and cost effectiveness to the running transmission lines. Interested? We can help guide you through the application requirements.

Turnkey Backup
Make your total solution turnkey, from install through the long haul. We'll upgrade your existing OEM equipment with industry-leading remote monitoring and demand response software with curtailment and dispatch. Plus, you'll get ongoing maintenance and competitive financing options upfront.

Utility-Scale Grid Support
Eliminate the extra steps, space, and expense of paralleling your total power generators. Our revolutionary Modular Power Systems (MPS) integrates utility scale power outputs for projects in 10-50MW scale.

Virtual Power Plants
Our Grid Service’s platform, Concerto(TM), can help you reach your business goals. The smart device monitors, forecasts, optimizes, and even trades power to avoid peak consumption and allow for power resiliency. Plus, you'll gain better access to cost-effective renewable energies.

This is a backup plan that thinks forward for your business. Our Energy Management program delivers benefits beyond standby power:

Total Resiliency

for full operations during a power outage

Load management

to reduce your impact on the grid

Energy savings

to boost your efficiency and bottom line

One Source. Integrated Solutions.

We make energy work for you with solutions that work together.

Generac Connectivity
Your business can turn operational analytics into action. Connect your entire equipment and device fleet to get real-time alerts, trends, reports, GPS tracking, and more control over your energy usage and equipment performance.

The Concerto™ platform goes beyond real-time analytics to deliver intelligent grid forecasting. Whether you're an end customer, energy trader, utilities, or grid operator, you'll gain insights to navigate business challenges and find opportunities.

Deep Sea Electronics
Get smart about your standby power. DSE offers a portfolio of single-set and multi-set generator control solutions and beyond. From balancing hours and loads to backing up your backup generator, you're in charge of your energy ecosytem.

Fuel Options
Diesel, biofuel, natural gas—what’s the difference? Fuel your generator and business with the right energy source. We'll help you figure out which option will help keep your generator running through the long haul, while being easier on your budget now.

Generators & Energy Storage
Today, there’s more to consider than configuration requirements. Our generator solutions factor in lifecycle costs, operational needs, fuel prices, supply and demand, and more. Plus, all our generators lead the industry in reliability and strength, so you get more brawn for your buck.


With Generac’s Connectivity, connect your industrial equipment and turn analytics into action. You’ll get real-time alerts, trends, reports, GPS tracking, and more control over your operations

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