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The world is changing. With the astronomical costs of downtime, and operational losses due to power outages, the ability to provide service to generators remotely has never been more important.

Mobile Link Industrial is a remote generator service that adds an extra layer of protection through remote monitoring. It relays pertinent generator information directly to your service distributor 24/7. This enables improved generator operations, increases generator uptime, and improves service response time.


How It Works

Generac's exclusive remote service platform, Mobile Link Industrial, delivers crucial insights about your generator to your Generac service provider for that extra layer of security when you need it the most.


24/7 Monitoring

24/7 remote generator monitoring, receiving alerts notifying your generator service provider as soon as an urgent generator event has occurred.

Detail & History

Distributor drills down into detailed parameters and generator history to identify issues before they increase in severity.


Remote Troubleshooting

Enables virtual troubleshooting of generator status by remotely viewing generator parameters, to make decisions on whether to send a tech.


Enables the download of detailed generator information to be used for reporting purposes.

Lower Your Risk of Power Loss with Remote Monitoring!

Regular maintenance drastically improves the chances of a generator being ready to run in the event of an outage. What maintenance does not account for however, are unexpected situations or anomalies that could have been easily prevented with monitoring tools. It also does not provide ongoing insight to the generator's operations on a daily basis.

Reactive Service is in the Past

If a power outage were to occur and a generator does not run, reactive service measures are taken to fix the issue. In situations such as these, every second is crucial, from first becoming aware of the problem, sending a service technician, identifying the root issue, and fixing the problem. There is a certain lag time inherent in this process due to the lack of servicing visibility! This can be easily improved when remote monitoring technology is incorporated.

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