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Generac has partnered with experienced installers across the country, ensuring local support to help you every step of the way. Prior to purchasing a PWRcell system, an authorized Generac partner will provide you with a free quote. They’ll work with you to assess your power needs and to customize a system for your home. The installer will also provide additional information about the system, such as how it works, and where it will be located. Finally, they’ll review the installation process and provide you with a free written estimate, with no obligation to buy. The assessment for your free quote will take about two hours. To help you prepare, please follow the tips below to ensure that our Generac partner can provide you with an accurate estimate at the time of your assessment.

Tips to Prepare for your Free Quote ▼
  1. Make sure all decision makers are present either in person or virtually. A solar + battery storage system is a big investment, and it’s important that every question is answered, and all concerns are addressed.
  2. Be prepared to answer questions about your home and why you’re interested in a solar + battery storage system. This will help your representative understand your expectations of the system so that they can recommend the best system to fit your needs. This worksheet is a great reference tool to help you think about the information you'll need to discuss with the installer.
  3. Have at least one year of utility bills easily accessible at your appointment. Utility bills provide electric consumption history for the home, which can help the representative design the system to meet current and future demands.

The installer will then review all the information you’ve discussed and provide you with a comprehensive quote, along with details on any local and federal incentives that may be available to you. If you decide to move forward with the purchase, the representative will schedule your installation and collect payment. If you’re interested in financing your purchase, you also can discuss finance options with your representative at that time.

When installed by an authorized Generac installer, most PWRcell units can be up and running in just a day. To ensure the process goes smoothly, please refer to the tips below prior to your installation:

Tips to Prepare for Your Installation ▼
  1. Discuss the installation in detail with your installer a week before the install so you have time to move things around as needed. Make sure the area the installers will be working in is clear and easily accessible, so they can come in and get right to work. Move anything that may be in the way in the attic, near the electric panel, subpanels, utility meter and the area where they’ll be installing the inverter and battery system.
  2. Get some sleep the night before so you’re ready for the installers to arrive bright and early on installation day. Installers typically like to start as early as possible, especially in the summer, because temperatures can reach well over 100 degrees on the roof and in the attic later in the day.
  3. Plan to be home for duration of the job to grant access to the installers, discuss any install details, sign paperwork when the job has been completed, and to ensure they understand how the system works before the installer leaves.
  4. Make sure the installer has access to your electrical panel and the space around it, so they’re able to install a disconnect within a few feet of your panel. Most electrical panels are found outside on the side the home.
  5. If you purchased PWRcell batteries, make sure your circuits are properly labeled in your electrical panel(s) and prioritize them, so your installer knows which circuits are most important to protect during a power outage.
  6. All PWRview systems require internet access. The installer will need to run a cable from the system’s inverter into the back of your internet router.

After your Generac PWRcell system has been installed on your property, the installer will reach out to the utility company on your behalf to complete the interconnection process. Utility companies will often send a representative out to your property to examine the system and install an additional meter (or upgrade an existing one) so that they can track your solar electricity exports to the grid, therefore enabling you to take advantage of the utility’s net metering incentive.

For more information on your PWRcell system, including system components, system modes, etc., please refer to our PWRcell FAQ section.