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The PWRview APP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section is a list of common questions that current customers have had, along with some troubleshooting tips.


  • Account

    Can I try PWRview before I create an account?
    Yes, the app has a demo mode that lets you explore the available features, just download and launch the app to get started.

    How do I create an account? 
    When your PWRcell system was installed, the installer registered your product using the email address you provided. You should have received an email with instructions to reset your password, along with a link to complete the account creation. If you did not receive that email, check your spam folder or contact your installer. 

    Can I change my password for PWRview? 
    Yes, you can change your password by opening the Options Menu, select My Account, then Manage Password. You will then be redirected to the PWRview dashboard to change your password. This will also change the login details for the PWRview dashboard. 

    I have forgotten my PWRview account password, what do I do? 
    On the login screen, select Forgot Password. You will be redirected to follow the password recovery process on the PWRview dashboard. You will need to have access to the email you used to log into PWRview in order to recover your password. 

    Can I change my PWRview account email? 
    No, currently you are unable to change your email in the PWRview app or PWRview dashboard.  Contact our support team to change the email associated with your PWRview account. 

  • Live Data

    Why am I unable to see the Now screen? 
    If you have a HEMS or PWRview ATS system and only have consumption, you will not see the Now screen as there is only one value to display. 

    What does the ring indicator display in the Now screen? 
    The ring indicator keeps you informed about how your system has been utilizing your energy resources throughout the day. You will see a colored arc whenever a given resource was in use: yellow for solar production, green for your PWRcell battery and purple for grid power. For grid and battery, you will see a lighter shaded arc whenever energy is being exported to the grid or being used to charge the battery. 

    Why doesn’t my energy flow add up to zero? 
    Your PWRcell system needs to expend some energy to convert the DC power coming from your PV system to grid-ready AC power. This efficiency factor, together with a small amount of power required by PWRcell to run, are the cause of the discrepancy shown in the energy flow. 

    What does the Today’s Spend indicator mean? 
    This number estimates how much of your grid energy use throughout the current day contributes to your electricity bill. We calculate this value by measuring energy imported and exported throughout the day, considering different energy pricing if you are on a time-of-use tariff. 

    What does the Today’s Savings indicator mean? 
    This indicator estimates the amount your PWRcell system has saved you on your electricity bill, by comparing your estimated daily spend to what your energy use would cost without your PWRcell system. If you have solar energy monitored by your HEMS meter, you will also see the savings indicator. 

    Why doesn’t my daily energy counters add up to zero? 
    A PWRcell system expends some energy to convert the DC power coming from your PV system to grid-ready AC power. This efficiency factor, together with a small amount of power required by PWRcell to run, typically causes a small discrepancy in your daily energy counters. 

    How should I interpret negative power or energy values for my battery? 
    PWRview uses negative values to indicate a power/energy flow from the inverter towards the battery – i.e., battery charging. For example, a value of -3 kW will indicate the battery charging at a 3 kW rate. 

    What does the additional line on the battery history screen mean? 
    The additional line on the battery history screen indicates the average State of Charge (SoC) of the battery, expressed as a percentage from 0% to 100%. The line only appears on the daily (DAY) time scale. 

    How should I interpret negative net power or net energy values? 
    PWRview uses negative values to indicate power/energy exported from the system to the grid. For example, a value of -12 kWh indicates that the system has exported 12 kWh to the utility grid. 

    How do I navigate through the energy charts? 
    When viewing a time frame, you can swipe right or left on the energy chart area to move to the previous or next time frame. You can also use pinch zoom motions to change the timescale, for example from WK to DAY (zoom-in) or from WK to MO (zoom-out). Tapping on a timescale indicator provides quick access to that timescale. 
    For systems that include more than consumption (i.e., solar, grid), swiping left or right outside of the chart area allows you to navigate to a different device. For example, swiping left from the battery history screen will navigate to the grid history screen.

  • System Compatibility

    Can I use PWRview if I have an ATS or a HEMS meter? 
    If this is your first time registering, you can use the PWRview app to monitor your energy consumption using a PWRview ATS, or with a HEMS meter. 
    If you already have an account set up with the legacy PWRview (prior to November 2020, now called Neurio PWRview) you will need to continue using that app. 

    What do I see if I have multiple PWRcell systems in my installation? 
    Each PWRcell inverter can be added to your PWRview account as a site. The app will show all data for one site at a time. In the app, open the Options Menu and select Site to switch between them. 

    What do I see if I have multiple sites on my PWRview account? 
    The app will show all data for one site at a time. In the app, open the Options Menu and select Site to switch between each site in your account. You can select from more than one HEMS or PWRview ATS site, or from more than one PWRcell site. 

    I am a legacy PWRcell customer and I don’t have a Beacon. Will I still be able to use the PWRview app? What will I see? 
    No, you will not be able to use PWRview because the app requires a PWRcell Beacon to function correctly. All new PWRcell installations include a Beacon. If you are a legacy customer, you can contact your installer to have a Beacon added to your system and enjoy live monitoring and savings from your smartphone. 

    How do I know if I have a PWRcell beacon? 
    Log into the PWRview dashboard using your PWRview account. On your dashboard, you should see a list of devices. If your system includes a PWRcell beacon, you will see it listed (along with its serial number and status) among these devices. 

    My system does not have consumption monitoring, can I still use the PWRview app? 
    Yes, however you will not see any data for indicators related to consumption including the Now screen, Live screen, and historical charts. Consumption monitoring uses Current Transformers (CTs) to monitor energy imported from and exported to the grid. This allows PWRview to calculate the energy consumed by your home. Also, PWRview will not be able to calculate bill estimates and savings. If you would like consumption monitoring capability added to your system, contact your installer. 

  • Bill Screen

    How do I set my bill budget? 
    You can set your bill budget by going to Site Settings in the Options Menu and choosing Monthly Budget. PWRview will display your budget as a reference line in the Bill Estimate chart. If you want to turn off this visual, set your monthly budget to $0. 

    How do I configure my utility tariff? 
    You can configure your utility tariff by going to Site Settings in the Options Menu and choosing Tariffs. Our guided tariff configuration wizard will help you identify the correct utility tariff. For more information about tariff configuration, refer to Configuring Bill Calculations. 

    Why am I unable to see my bill and savings calculations? 
    To estimate your monthly bill and savings, PWRview needs to know your utility tariff. To help you identify the correct tariff, PWRview provides a guided configuration process. See How Do I Configure My Tariff for more details. 

  • Outage Guard

    What does Outage Guard do?
    Outage Guard monitors weather forecasts nationwide, and if a power outage is predicted for your area, it prompts your system to charge the battery to full capacity before the outage hits. Once the threat of an outage subsides, your PWRcell system will automatically revert to its original mode.

    What conditions trigger Outage Guard to change the mode on my inverter and battery?
    If weather databases predict a weather event with a high probability of causing an outage within the next two to three days, the inverter mode will change.

    I have Outage Guard enabled.  When do the predictions start?
    Outage predictions will begin the next morning.

    When will the inverter mode change back?
    Outage Guard monitors weather forecasts daily.  When the risk of a power outage subsides, the system will automatically revert to its original mode.


    Does Outage Guard use Priority Backup?
    Only if there is no DC-coupled solar. Otherwise, Outage Guard uses Clean Backup mode. If the system was purchased using Investment Tax Credits, using Priority Backup may not be allowed.

    Is there anything to configure?
    No.  If Outage Guard is enabled, it will predict and adjust the inverter mode as needed. 

    If I’m already using Clean Backup mode all the time, will it have any effect?
    No. If your system is always set to Clean Backup mode, consider changing your regular mode to Self Supply to help save money and enable Outage Guard so your system will automatically switch to Clean Backup and charge the battery only when needed.

    What are the requirements to utilize Outage Guard?
             - You’re not a member of a TPO agreement
             - Your home must have a battery
             - You must live in the contiguous 48 states, Alaska, Puerto Rico (provided the address is listed as US), or Canada
             - You must have Beacon firmware version CES-1.1.1.B59 or later

    How do I know it’s working?
    When Outage Guard changes the system mode, it will send a notification to the device you installed the PWRview app on.

  • Configuring Bill Calculations

    How do I configure my tariff? 
    Configuring your tariff allows PWRview to display live spending and savings calculations, as well as estimates of your upcoming bills. To configure your tariff, open the Options Menu, then choose Site Settings, and Tariffs, which will take you to PWRview’s tariff configuration wizard. We will ask you a few simple questions about your location and home - such as whether you have a solar panel system - and your utility. This will help us identify the most likely utility tariffs for your home. If you are not sure what tariff you are on, it might help to have your electrical bill on hand, as the tariff is often listed on the bill itself. 

    My tariff depends on regional rates, do you take this into consideration? 
    If your tariff is area-dependent, with some rates and surcharges applying only to certain districts, we still have you covered! Make sure you enter the correct zip code, and our configuration tool will determine the appropriate tariff area for your home. If your rates include local taxes, such as municipal surcharges, you can use the fields in Your Taxes and Adjustments to add custom adjustments to your tariff. 

  • Data Troubleshooting

    If you have a PWRcell system: 
             1.You don’t have a PWRcell Beacon, see the System Compatibility section. 
             2.Your beacon does not have the latest firmware update. We periodically update your PWRcell system to support new features. If this condition persists, contact Generac Support
             3.Your beacon has never connected to the internet. Check your PWRcell owner's manual for instructions on how to do so or contact your installer. 
             4.There is an issue with the PWRview cloud servers. 

    If you have a PWRview ATS or PWRview meter: 
             1.Your system has not yet been connected to the internet. Check the owner’s manual for instructions on how to do so or contact your installer. 
             2.You do not have a supported meter associated with your account. Check the owner’s manual for instructions on how to do so or contact your installer. 
             3.The firmware for the meter has not yet been updated after installation. Wait for 2 hours, then try again. If it still does not show up, contact your installer. 
             4.There is an issue with the PWRview cloud servers. 

    Why aren’t my live power measurements on the Now screen? 
    If your live power measurements are not on the Now screen, your system might be experiencing live connectivity issues. Please check the connection of your energy system to your home network and to the internet and contact Generac Support or for troubleshooting. 

    Why can’t I see live data on the Energy Flows screen? 
    If live data isn’t visible on the Energy Flows screen, your system might be experiencing live connectivity issues. Please check the connection of your PWRcell system to your home network and to the internet. If you only have consumption in your PWRview ATS, or HEMS system, you will not see the Energy Flows screen. 

    Why am I seeing zero values for my Consumption and Grid power measurements? 
    If you’re seeing zero values, for your Consumption and Grid power measurements, you might not have Current Transformers (CTs) installed with your PWRcell system. Although all new systems include consumption monitoring CTs, to accurately measure household consumption and grid export, legacy customers might not have this installed. If you are a legacy customer and would like CTs installed on your system, contact Generac Support or your installer. 

    Why is there missing data on my Today (or History) screen? 
    If data is missing on your Today or History screen, your system may have experienced connectivity issues in the past few hours, due to a break in connectivity or ISP outage. 

    How do I configure my bill if I’m on a contracted rate? 
    Unfortunately, contracted rates for transmission and distribution (T+D) are not supported at this time. If you know what those rates are, use the adjustment fields provided at the end of the tariff configuration to add T+D rates to your energy consumption tariff. 

    Why can’t I find my tariff or utility? 
    During the configuration process, PWRview asks several questions to generate a short list of tariffs from the many available in your region. This filtering process might occasionally filter out your tariff, especially if your utility has recently updated your tariff criteria.  If you cannot find your tariff, try changing the way you’ve answered the questions during the configuration process:
             - Do you have solar panels?  Try changing your answer to NO
             - Do you have tiered rates?  Try changing your answer to I DON’T KNOW
             - Are you on a time of use rate?  Try changing your answer to I DON’T KNOW                                       
             - Verify that your zip/postal code is correct
             - Check your utility bill for your tariff name and code  

    After trying the suggestions above, if you continue to have difficulties finding your tariff, please contact Generac Support

    Why does my calculated bill not correspond to the bill I received from my utility? 
    Some municipalities include local taxes on electrical bills unfortunately, this information is not included on official tariffs. You can still match your calculated and actual bills closely by using the adjustment fields at the end of the tariff configuration process. You can use these fields to set a percentage tax, a daily charge, a consumption charge ($/kWh) and a flat monthly fee. 

    Can the installer configure the tariff settings for me? 
    Tariff settings can only be configured from the PWRview app. However, your installer can help you make sure you are setting the right tariff. If you are not sure what tariff you are on or have changed your tariff as a result of installing PWRcell, contact your installer or refer to your PWRcell proposal for more information. 

    Does the tariff setting in the app impact how my PWRcell operates? 
    No, tariff settings in PWRview do not impact your PWRcell operation modes or scheduling. 

  • Data Usage

    I have a cellular or satellite connection with limited data allowance. Will my data cost increase because of live data in the app? 
    PWRcell systems only use high bandwidth data when the app is open, resulting in around 7MB of data use per month. HEMS meters and PWRview ATS use significantly more data.  Using PWRview over cellular or satellite channels is not recommended.

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