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Clean Energy for Your Home


Clean Energy For Your Home


Generac is dedicated to providing people with innovative and forward-thinking technology to power their homes. Generac, Pika, and Neurio share a vision to develop groundbreaking technologies that modernize the way electricity is generated, stored, and used in homes. By combining Generac’s expertise in power products manufacturing, Neurio’s unprecedented insight into home energy use, and Pika’s expertise in solar storage, Generac can bring homeowners the first truly intelligent home energy management system.

The Key Components of a Home Energy Management System


Pika is best known for its Energy Island integrated energy storage system, which allows users to easily capture, store and use solar energy to reduce energy costs and minimize grid disruptions. The system offers the power and efficiency needed to meet today’s complex energy needs. From resilience to smart energy management the Pika Energy Island makes home energy storage simple, smart and powerful.


The Neurio Home Energy Controller acts as the central hub for the monitoring and control of the home’s energy, linking solar and storage devices, as well the Neurio Energy Monitor, through one system for seamless management and interoperability.