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HomeLink™ Manual Transfer Switch  Easier Than Ever Before

Homelink 8-10 & 10-16 circuit pre-wired manual transfer switches

Generac’s HomeLink Upgradeable Manual Transfer Switches are now easier to install, expand and maintain than ever before. To meet the requirements of 2017 National Electric Codes, improved 30-amp and 50-amp HomeLink models can be used with any portable generator featuring compatible GFCI outlets. 

With interchangeable circuit breakers that simplify the reconfiguration process required for replacing or expanding from 8 to 16 circuits, HomeLink switches can be used to provide power to hard-wired loads such as your home’s furnace, well pump or lights.

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Upgrade to automatic functionality

Unlike other manual transfer switches available to the general public, HomeLink models can also be upgraded for automatic functionality with home standby generators up to 11 kW by simply changing out the original controller assembly.

Pre-wired for easy installation, these updated switch models also feature an electronic rocker button that seamlessly switches between utility and generator power. Indicator lights identify the presence of utility and/or generator power, and bundled options are currently available with cords and power inlet boxes included.

Thanks to the re-launch of Generac’s HomeLink Upgradeable Manual Transfer Switches, protecting your desired loads and transitioning from portable power to an automatic standby solution is easier than ever before.

Upgradeable Manual Transfer Switch Kit

Power Source Indicator Power Source Indicator- Lets you know whether you're running on utility or generator power.

Rocker Switch - Rocker Switch- Electronically switches from utility to generator power with the simple push of a button.

Power Inlet Box- Resin and aluminum options available.

Generator Cord Generator Cord- 30 and 50 amp cords available.

Generac’s HomeLink™ Upgradeable Transfer Switch is available by itself or in your choice of kits. Download the HomeLink™ brochure here.

Generac Homelink portable transfer switch upgrades with wires.

Homelink™ Features

Safe – Prevents dangerous back-feeding to avoid injuring utility line workers
Versatile – Can be upgraded later for use with a Generac Home Standby generator (max 11kw)
Universal – Compatible with any portable generator with GFCI protected outlets
Electronic Rocker Switch – Easily switches from utility to generator power with the simple push of a button
Power Indicator Lights – Displays when you have utility or generator power present
Powers Hard-wired Circuits – Directly powers hard-wired appliances such as your furnace, well pump and lights
Easy to Maintain and Expand – Interchangeable type circuit breakers make it easy to reconfigure, replace or expand circuits in your switch
Pre-wired Kits Available – For quick and easy install

Generac Homelink transfer switch

From Manual to automatic

From Manual to Automatic

Essential Circuit Coverage

A Generac home standby generator automatically backs up essential circuits with this pre-wired transfer switch. Click the button below to shop for compatible home generators.

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Manual to Auto Upgrade Kit

Model #6869

You’ve decided it’s time to install an automatic standby generator. You’re halfway there. A certified electrician will change out the panel located in the HomeLink with an automatic switch upgrade panel and new faceplate – and it’s ready to be connected to a home standby generator.

Generac Homelink portable transfer switch callout kit.