Part & Accessories for Portable Generators 

Parts and Accessories for Portable Generators

Enhance performance. Maximize convenience. Simplify maintenance. Boost your generator’s performance with genuine parts and accessories from Generac. Products are available to maximize convenience and simplify maintenance for years of reliable power. Maintaining your equipment with original equipment manufacturer parts is key to performance and reliability.

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Find genuine Generac replacement parts for your portable generator.

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Portable Generator Accessories Specifications

Maintenance Kits
Spec Sheet

Power Inlet Boxes
Eliminate the need for cords running through windows or doors.
Spec Sheet

Generator Plugs and Connectors
Find the right plug or connector for your generator and power inlet box.
Spec Sheet

The connecting link between the generator and the power inlet box or manual transfer switch.
Spec Sheet

Optional Accessories
Accessories offer additional protection like a Switched Neutral Kit, Flush Mounting Plate, or Power Inlet Box Flip Lid.

Flush Mounting Plate Spec Sheet

Flip Lid Spec Sheet


Homelink™ Upgradeable Transfer Switch

Protect What's Most Important To You With HomeLink™

Generac’s HomeLink™ Upgradeable Transfer Switch goes beyond what other manual transfer switches can do. It makes upgrading from a portable generator to automatic standby power simple and affordable.

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Portable Generator Transfer Switch Kits

Safe & Easy Power for Portable Generators

Safe: Mechanically interlocked generator and utility breakers prevent dangerous backfeeding to avoid injuring utility line workers.

Easy to Maintain and Expand: Interchangeable type circuit breakers make it easy to reconfigure, replace, or expand the circuits in your switch.

Powers Hard-wired Circuits: Directly powers hard-wired appliances such as your furnace, well pump, and septic pump.

Fast, Flexible Installation: Suitable for surface or flush mounting. Kits include necessary components.

Fast, Flexible Installation suitable for surface or flush mounting. Kits include necessary components.

Portable generator transfer switch kit.

Portable Generator Transfer Switches

Manual Transfer Switches

Safely and easily deliver power from your portable generator to your home’s electrical panel during a power outage with a Generac manual transfer switch.

Once installed, our manual transfer switch eliminates the need to run multiple extension cords through open windows and doors and allows you to safely power hard-wired items such as your furnace or well-pump.

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