Introducing EV chargers  from the most trusted brand in home energy.

Meet the fastest route to freedom.

  • Power Boost

    Get to a full charge 8x faster than with a L1 charger. Plus, with Power Boost Technology you can direct maximum power to your vehicle without disrupting the rest of the household.

  • Smart and connected

    Use the Generac EV Charging App to schedule your charger to turn on overnight, when grid electricity is cheapest. Safely connect multiple chargers to the same circuit and manage usage from anywhere.

  • Reliable service

    The Generac network reaches across the nation, with a promise of seamless experience from purchase through installation. Rest easy knowing our trusted installers are around the corner if service needs arise.

Get your level 2 charger expertly installed.

When you choose Generac, you’ll get connected to local experts who will get you set up and ready to roll. Enjoy 24/7 access to our customer service team, and authorized dealers across the country.

certified expert installing equipment for Generac EV charger

Compatible with all EVs

Love what you drive, and keep it powered up. Generac L2 EV chargers are compatible with all electric vehicles on the market.*

*Generac L2 chargers are compatible with Tesla vehicles when used in conjunction with SAE to NACS adapter, typically provided with the vehicle.

Person's hand connecting a charger to the charging port on their car

Durable and accessible

The weatherproof design makes it easy to find the right installation location on your property – in your garage, or outside.

Person walking near their electric vehicle charging in the driveway