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Prepare Before the Storm

Stockpile the Best Foods

While severe storms do the most damage, even the smallest tropical storm can knock out power for days. You’re inside, sheltered from the storm, but have no electricity to cook dinner or run your refrigerator. That’s when you start to break out the nonperishable food items. 

Nonperishables are crucial supplies for enduring a lengthy power outage. When you make your grocery list, remember who will be sheltering in place with you. The list should reflect foods your family eats on a regular basis. Don’t forget about food allergies, and remember pets, as well. 

When living in a hurricane prone area, it’s even more crucial to keep nonperishable food items stocked well before a storm hits. The FDA recommends that they be shelf-stable and don’t need to be refrigerated or cooked. An unopened refrigerator and freezer can usually keep food safe to consume for up to four hours. The foods in the freezer are typically safe for 48 hours if it is full or 24 hours if the freezer is half-full. As the storm approaches, inventory your pantry and eat what you have in the fridge first so it doesn’t go to waste. 

Generac has put together a shopping list to help you prepare for hurricanes and the power outages they often bring. Many of the food items listed below can be eaten without the use of an electric stove, oven or other appliances.


  • Water: A gallon per person is enough for seven days. If bottles are an option, purchase eight 16-oz. bottles per person — or 56 bottles per person for seven days. 
  • Juice: Canned, boxed or plastic filled.
  • Milk: Powdered or shelf-stable, in single-serving boxes.
  • Caffeine: Canned coffee or energy drinks. 


  • Crackers for snacking with cheese and meats right after the power goes out.
  • Fruit: canned fruits, applesauce.
  • Healthy Snacks: granola bars, trail mix, rice cakes, dried fruit.
  • Comfort food: Pop-tarts, doughnuts, sweets.


  • Canned soups, chili, veggies, stew.
  • Cereal: can be eaten dry or mixed with milk.
  • Preserved meats: beef jerky that is high-protein, low-carb; canned tuna, chicken, Spam.


  • Small jar of mayonnaise, to make chicken or tuna salad.
  • Ketchup, mustard, hot sauce, salt and pepper – in individual packets 

For the pets

For more information on what the best foods are to stockpile, download our Grocery Store Checklist.

Hurricane Preparedness Guide Download

Please Download our Hurricane Preparedness Guide for more information.

Download the Hurricane Preparedness Guide

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