Store your solar power and save. 

With a PWRcell® Solar + Battery System, you’ll use clean energy to help save on utility bills and provide your own backup power in case of an outage. 

Harness. Power. Store. Save.

Each PWRcell Solar + Battery System is designed to maximize savings and impact based on your unique home and energy usage. 

  • Prepare for power outages

    Store solar power your panels have already harnessed so it’s ready to use during an outage.

  • Reduce energy costs

    Switch to stored solar energy to offset peak costs. Plus, use what you’ve harnessed during the day to power your home at night.

  • Help the environment

    A PWRcell system reduces your reliance on fossil fuels and is 100% emission-free.

Maximize savings with tax credits

The federal homeowners’ solar tax credit (ITC) is 30% and is available until 2034. Plus, check for local tax credits that may be available for a limited time.

Up-level your solar power with storage

Including a battery storage solution with solar panels will allow you to offset your carbon footprint and utility bills, self-supply your backup power, and more. See how storage expands the benefits of solar.

PWRcell Support

We’ve compiled useful resources for current PWRcell owners and installers.

The Generac PWRcell difference

  • 65 years of leadership

    PWRcell is the next step in Generac’s 65 years of leadership in backup power technology.

  • Industry-leading warranty

    Each PWRcell system is backed by a 25-year warranty for rooftop components and 10-year warranty for battery and inverter.

  • Modular system design

    PWRcell brings you the longest lasting battery in a single cabinet, and the ability to flex the system as your power needs change.