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10 Power Outage Activities

Power’s Out, Fun’s In:

So it’s been storming out for a while. You’re relaxing at home when suddenly—boom!—the house goes dark and silent. The power is out. First, you place some perishable foods in a cooler; then maybe you check on the sump pump, and take other precautions. Once you feel ready, you may also start to get bored. What can you do while you’re waiting for power to be restored? Here are 10 fun activities you can do in a power outage.

10 Power's Out Activities

1. Play “So There I Was” – Have each person write down at least one life event on a piece of paper. Place all the pieces in a hat or bowl. Pass the bowl around and have everyone draw one piece of paper. Then take turns telling stories. For example, “So There I Was…the Day of Graduation.” It’s a great way to get to hear stories about friends and family you might not know otherwise!

2. Read Books – It’s simple, fun, and good for your brain. Anyone can participate and it’s a calm, quiet activity that can be done with flashlights. There are also book lights you can buy that clip onto your book for reading anytime in any lighting. 

3. Write a Letter – Older family members might appreciate a hand-written letter. It can also be a way to express important feelings or serve as a great tangible memory. Letters are sentimental and sometimes better than an email or text.

4. Eat all the ice cream and popsicles – You don’t want them to go bad, so treat yourselves and eat them up!
Eat all the ice cream.
5. Play Card Games (or Chess) – There are so many games to choose from for all ages. You can play Go Fish, Sheepshead, King’s Corners, or Cribbage to name a few. Chess is a classic game to teach children.

6. Stargaze -- If the storm is over and your power is out at night, take some time to check out stars and constellations when there’s less light pollution.

7. Have a spa day/night -- Put on facemasks, do each other’s nails, or give shoulder or back massages. It’s a nice way to relax rather than stressing about the power outage. 

8. Play Charades -- You only need light from a flashlight or candle, and the game has endless possibilities.

9. Come up with new recipes/meal ideas -- Get talking about everyone’s favorite topic, food! Share what you’ve been craving for dinner and come up with new family recipes. Or, dig up an old cookbook or recipe cards and pick out some favorites to make after the power outage.

10. Drive to a home improvement store and buy a generator -- When the thunder and lightning is over, drive to a home improvement store and pick up a portable generator. You can use it the next time there’s a power outage, or hook it up right away to get the lights on again. Generac has many affordable options.

With all these ideas, you won’t be bored the next time the power goes out! We wish you all the best when you weather the next storm.

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