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Overlooked Causes of Power Outages

Power Outages - Not Just From Bad Weather

Power outages aren’t limited just to severe weather. Some less known causes include:

Vehicle Accidents
Cars colliding into utility poles are a common cause of power outages, particularly in regions with seasons of severe snow and ice. This can cause power lines to collapse together and trip off the circuit. Car accidents can also cause trees and branches to collapse onto power lines.

Heavy Snow
In regions where winter storms are common, heavy ice and snow can build up enough weight to snap power lines. Precipitation can also cause trees and branches to collapse and take nearby power lines with them. 
Additionally, when large amounts of snow melt flooding can occur. This has the potential to cause damage to both overhead and underground equipment. Occasionally utility companies will shut down power to avoid major flooding damage.
Curious critters are no strangers when it comes to knocking out power. Animals are a top cause for power outages in the U.S. with thousands of cases reported each year. Wildlife is often attracted to power stations due to the heat provided by the electricity. While some go looking for shelter or nest building, others go looking for food. Whatever the reason, the end result is often frustrated residents without power.
Animals cause power outages in a variety of ways. Squirrels are often the biggest culprit due to their curiosity and love for gnawing on things - including electric lines. Other animals, including raccoons, birds, and even snakes, cause problems when their bodies make contact with two networks to create a short circuit that blows a fuse.

"Fowl" Play

Just days before Thanksgiving 2012, a turkey was the cause of a power outage in Sheboygan, WI after flying into a power line.

Sources close to the turkey said he really had the stuffing knocked out of him.


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