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Protect Your Home's Power with Early Preparation

Eliminate Doubt When Lights Go Out

A well prepared home is a happy home.

Weather reports aren’t looking good. Strong winds and heavy rain are on their way. You know that there is a chance you may experience an extended power outage. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to make sure you and your family can remain comfortable when the lights go out.

Prepping for a Power Outage

  • Stock up on batteries for battery-powered electronics, such as flashlights and NOAA weather radios.
  • Create extra ice by filling one-gallon freezer bags with water. This will keep food cool and provides extra water when thawed.
  • Fill your bathtub with water. Power outages sometimes mean the water supply may soon follow. Use this water for personal hygiene and flushing the toilet.
  • Check your carbon monoxide (CO) detectors. CO is colorless and odorless. Avoid sickness or worse by making sure your CO detector is fully operational.
  • Fill your grill's propane tank. A full tank of fuel allows you to cook frozen and refrigerated food that might otherwise go to waste.
  • Unplug electronics. When power comes back on, there is a risk of a power surge. Protect your electronics by unplugging them when the power goes out. 
  • Purchase nonperishables. Nonperishable food items, like those on this grocery checklist, are the best options for food during a lights-out situation. 
  • Board games and a deck of cards can provide entertainment for you and your family when power is not available.
  • Invest in a portable generator. Always use it outside, and consider a CO-detecting model. 
For more information on how to stay safe when power returns, check out our tips for power conservation and staying safe after the storm here. 

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