Battery Energy Storage | 30 kVA/90 kWh

Energy for the Environment

The MBE30 provides three-phase power output for mobile power applications with the advantage of zero sound and zero emissions. When connected to a compatible diesel generator, it creates a hybrid system optimizing the generator and BESS operation to power varying load requirements. The BESS automatically turns the generator on to recharge the batteries and provides peak power output and turns off when not needed to maximize efficiency. 

Features & Benefits

Easy to Use

  • No engine
  • Lead acid batteries
  • Single user-friendly interface – all in one
  • Scalable by connecting multiple units
  • Easy understanding of battery charge level and energy flow

Safe & Efficient

  • Zero sound and zero emissions
  • Reduced fuel consumption in hybrid system
  • Reduced emissions
  • Reduced generator runtime
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Maximized generator and BESS power generation efficiency

Durable & Versatile

  • Create a hybrid energy system when combined with a mobile diesel generator
  • Hybrid power system offers a cleaner, more cost-effective way to generate power
  • BESS can be used alone to power low-load requirements
  • Highly versatile power solution for construction, events, utilities, remote locations


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kW/kVA Prime (kW): 24 / 30


Run Time @ 75% (hr): 0

Power (kW):