Generac's Emergency Power Units Provide the Backup Power Commercial Buildings Need

In the U.S., "what-if" power outage scenarios are becoming "when-if" scenarios.  Between 2000 and 2013, there were an average of 200 reported power grid outages per year, which does not include the plethora of weather-related outages or accidental outages, which can be caused by animals or human error during a construction project.

We understand that small businesses drive our economy today.  And, frankly, we don't consider any business to be "small" because so much is at stake - your brand's reputation, your staff's livelihoods, not to mention your significant investments in equipment, electronics, facilities and inventory.

No matter what your need, Generac's business is protecting yours and your commercial building - from the damage of power outages.  You can rely upon Generac standby generators to protect your bottom line and give you an edge over the competition, with the best power for small business.

Generac Offers Many Industrial Power Choices

Generac offers a variety of small business power solutions - from easy to maintain small kW natural gas generators ideal for convenience stores, warehouses and offices - to large multi-megawatt paralleled solutions to ensure that your larger business runs smoothly.

Generator Chart

For Businesses Requiring More Power, Our Modular Power System (MPS) is designed to Grow When You Grow

When you start your business, every capital investment you make is critical.  Generac's innovative Modular Power System (MPS) can provide the needed initial kWs of power along with the benefits of redundancy, scalability and safety, through integrated paralleling.

Since paralleling is built into our generators, the MPS system allows for growth, requires less space and reduces your inital capital cost.

The costs to specify and install two lower kW paralleled versus one larger kW are quite similar.  This makes choosin Gnerac's MPS a smart decision for all types of, and sizes of, business.


Fuel Choices to Meet Emissions Concerns

On-site diesel fuel has been the traditional choice for standby power.  At the same time, Generac manufactures generators that run on natural gas and liquid propane (LP) fuel, providing reduced emissions and maintenance, compared to diesel.

We also offer pioneering bi-fuel generators, which start on diesel and transition to natural gas as load is applied, providing significantly longer runtimes with less diesel fuel storage.  This allows you to choose the standby power system that is the best fit for your business.

Generac Offers Many Industrial Power Choices

Our local Industrial Power Distributors can provide guidance on our durable and dependable gensets, as well as give advice about working with local codes and your AHJs.  Find your nearest distributor.

Or, simply call 1-844-ASK-GNRC or email to reach a small business power professional.  We are proud to support small businesses because we are confident you won't be "small" for long.