Light Towers

Generac Mobile leads the industry in innovative light tower solutions. Our vertical mast and compact light towers have revolutionized industrial mobile lighting. Easy to setup, operate and maintain, our light towers provide maximum power in a minimal footprint. With extended run times and service intervals, LED safety features, innovative engine technologies and programmable controls, our products can be trusted to maximize uptime and return on your investment. Durability, reliability and ease of use - put your trust in the largest light tower manufacturer in the world.

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    Light Tower MLT4060KV

    Base Model/SKU: MLT4060KV_

    Model Number: MLT4060KV

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    Light Tower MLT4080KV

    Base Model/SKU: MLT4080KV_

    Model Number: MLT4080KV

  • Product

    Light Tower MLT4150MV

    Base Model/SKU: MLT4150MV_

    Model Number: MLT4150MV

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    Light Tower MLT4200

    Base Model/SKU: MLT4200_

    Model Number: MLT4200

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    Light Tower PLT240

    Base Model/SKU: PLT240_

    Model Number: PLT240

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    Light Tower MLT6 LED

    Base Model/SKU: MLT6 LED_

    Model Number: MLT6 LED

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    Light Tower MLTS LED

    Base Model/SKU: MLTS LED_

    Model Number: MLTS LED

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    Light Tower CTF-10 Plug-in

    Base Model/SKU: CTF-10 Plug-in_

    Model Number: CTF-10 Plug-in

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    Light Tower MLTB Battery

    Base Model/SKU: MLTB Battery_

    Model Number: MLTB Battery

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    Light Tower CUBEᵀᴹ

    Base Model/SKU: CUBEᵀᴹ_

    Model Number: CUBEᵀᴹ

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    Light Tower VT-Solar

    Base Model/SKU: VT-Solar_

    Model Number: VT-Solar

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    Light Tower MLT4060MV

    Base Model/SKU: MLT4060MV_

    Model Number: MLT4060MV