Power Resilience for Your Facility 

A power outage isn’t just a disturbance for your senior living facilities. It’s critical. Residents rely on light to prevent falls, heating or cooling to stay comfortable, and medical equipment for their well-being. Our senior living solutions can help you keep your facility power resilient, energy efficient, and a welcoming community for all, so you can operate safely and cost-effectively.

Comfort in being prepared

Unprotected nursing and assisted living homes MUST ACT NOW!

When you're dedicated to 24/7 care, planning for unexpected power outages can be overwhelming. We can guide you every step of the way, from providing information on emergency systems codes to helping you select a backup power solution to meet your needs, through installation and ongoing maintenance. And it doesn't matter if you own and operate one facility or hundreds. With Generac on your side, you'll get the wisdom and experience for all your power needs.

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Your Source For Reliable Power

With over six decades of senior living experience, we offer a complete portfolio of products and services for your backup power needs. Whether its large KW diesel generators that grow with your facility or innovative natural gas and bi-fuel generators for longer runtime and code requirements, we’ll help you choose the optimal solution for your entire senior living community.
You’ll also get a nationwide network of Industrial Power Distributors for support every step of the way from sizing and specifications to design, install, and on-going maintenance.

ACF Standby Systems

“Our Generac generators are extremely reliable, and we always put the customer first and have a quick response time on all of our requests.”

John Agnes, Engineer ACF Standby Systems

CERTUS Senior Living

“Our Generac generators do their job, and we don't have to think about it. That's all I could have hoped for in a solution.”

Glen Pawolski, Chief Executive Officer CERTUS Senior Living

EVAPAR – a Generac Industrial Power Distributor

“With so much on the line, it’s vital assisted living centers work with experts who understand the current and future needs, the rules and regulations, and can then design practical on-site.”

Keith Findley, Power Solutions Manager EVAPAR – a Generac Industrial Power Distributor

Build Your Next Healthcare Project

We are experienced in senior living backup power solutions. We'll help you scope your project and see it through, so you can have less concerns and costs at the end of the day. Request engineering drawings, specifications, or speak with an engineering professional

Staying Ahead Of Natural Gas Growth

An abundant and growing supply, expanded pipeline network, and increased customer confidence has led to a recent shift in the industry from diesel to natural gas. Webinar topics range from:

  • Fuel Reliability
  • Gen-set Performance
  • Code Acceptance
  • Total Cost of Ownership


Nationwide Service Capabilities

During an outage, healthcare facilities want to know their power is ready—in seconds, not minutes. That's why, you want a service provider nearby.

Generac’s accredited network brings local expertise to our customers nationwide. Whether it's for an emergency for everyday power or routine maintenance, we make it convenient to service your generator.

Generator Service & Parts

  • Technical experts are available 24/7/365 with service and parts
  • Over 35, 000 parts inventory and access to Generac’s online parts network
  • Preventative maintenance programs available and completed by factory certified technicians
  • Load bank testing up to 2.5 megawatts and complete diagnostic services, fuel analysis, and remote monitoring
  • Industry-leading extended warranties available for additional peace of mind
  • Generator training seminars to familiarize yourself with backup generator systems

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