Person near the top of a telecommunications tower in the forest.

Standby Power for  Telecom

Backup for Urban and Remote Cell Towers

Cell tower space is becoming crowded with many others industries vying for the rented space.  You need backup telecom generators that can deliver the needed kWs, while fitting into a smaller footprint.  Generac Industrial Power provides rugged diesel and natural gas generators to provide the standby power for telecomm needs.  They work well with critical power components such as UPS systems, rectifiers and HVAC systems that ensures power will be continuous as the generator starts and runs up to speed.

Cell tower locations vary: they are either in the middle of cities or in the middle of nowhere.  Generac manufactures sound-attenuated enclosures that reduce the noise level for city or urban cell tower locations.  We also produce extreme weather-resistant enclosures, should your tower be located on a mountain, near the ocean or in the Midwest and subject to a variety of weather events.

Generac also provides a range of controllers for remote monitoring that shows all the vital operating parameters of the generator set.

Generac Industrial Power gaseous generator outside on a designated platform.

Data Collection Centers Need More Power

Most providers use data collection centers to receive input from cell phones and other wireless devices and then re-transmit that data.  These facilities require substantial backup or even prime power gensets to ensure the flow of information never stops.

Our line of 750 kW - 3.25 MW industrial diesel generators combine the precise components, designed, manufactured and supported by a single source - Generac Industrial Power. We control every part of the production and testing process - engines, alternators, control systems, enclosures and base tanks. These components are all specifically designed and built to meet the highest reliability and performance standards.

Take the Stress Out of Medium Voltage Generator Systems

With the need for more power, we are finding more medium voltage applications with a medium voltage alternator and ANSI C37.20.2 gear, are becoming specified.  Many staff members and contractors are hesitant to work with medium voltage systems.  The solution is our integrated paralleling Modular Power Systems (MPS) concept.

By paralleling on the low voltage side and feeding one or multiple transformers, various system advantages can be realized:
-  Facility staff are typically more comfortable interacting with low voltage generators.
-  Low voltage equipment is much easier and quicker to source.
-  Low voltage rental equipment can be used when needed.
-  No medium voltage paralleling switchgear sections are required resulting in a smaller footprint and significant cost savings.

While diesel has been the traditional fuel choice, many telecommunications companies are now considering the use of natural gas or bi-fuel generators as standby power for telecomm. This is done upon approval of the AHJ, to meet the need for extended runtimes.

Two Generac Industrial Power generators outside of building.

Two Natural Solutions

Natural gas generators offer many benefits.  They have reduced emissions compared to diesel generators, the permitting requirements are easier and you are connected to the natural gas pipeline which is rarely impacted by weather or other crisis events.

Telecomm Image

Bi-Fuel is another great option as you have the strong inital start from a diesel engine and then transition to primarily natural gas under load.  Generac offers fully integrated solutions that are the only EPA-compliant generators straight from our factory in both the 500 kW and 600 kW nodes.  These units can also be paralleled to create even larger kW requirements.


Win the Battle

Generac Industrial Power provides you with a nationwide network of Industrial Power Distributors to offer support during every part of the process from sizing to specifications to design and installation.  Enter the battleground well-armed with Generac Industrial Power generators.


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