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Power Design Pro:  Generator Design and Sizing Tool

One of the most powerful generator sizing tool in the industry


Load Modeling Made Easy

Watch as Power Design Pro's intuitive interface allows you to effortlessly model complex electrical loads for your projects. See how you can input diverse load types, dynamic characteristics, and define scenarios with precision.


Optimize Load Shedding Strategies

Explore how Power Design Pro empowers you to develop efficient load shedding schemes. Witness the seamless process of prioritizing critical loads and ensuring uninterrupted power supply during emergencies.


Analyze Transient Performance

Discover how Power Design Pro simplifies transient analysis for your power systems. Observe the real-time results and understand how transient events impact your design choices.


Collaborate in Real-Time

Experience the collaborative essence of Power Design Pro. Witness how multiple team members can work together simultaneously on a single project, fostering efficient teamwork and seamless communication.

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The Clear Choice for Engineers

When it comes to industrial sizing software, Power Design Pro stands tall above the competition. Let's dive into what makes it the ultimate choice for engineers like you.

Multiple Concurrent and Non-Concurrent Starting Sequences: Say
goodbye to limitations! Power Design Pro gives you the freedom to work with both concurrent and non-concurrent starting sequences offering unmatched ô€‹£exibility in designing complex power systems.

Advanced Load Modeling with Harmonic Spectrum Analysis: Power Design Pro goes beyond the basics. With its robust load modeling capabilities and harmonic spectrum analysis, you can conquer harmonics challenges, ensuring your power systems boast optimal quality and reliability.

Suggested Voltage and Frequency Limits: No guesswork needed. Power Design Pro provides helpful suggestions for voltage and frequency limits, helping you make informed design decisions that meet industry standards with precision.

Integrated Analysis Resources: Power Design Pro is your one-stop-shop for powerful analysis. Explore "what if" scenarios and evaluate diverse design options effortlessly with its comprehensive suite of analysis tools.

Join the league of engineering excellence and make the smart choice with Power Design Pro today.    

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Engineers Who Love Power Design Pro

Has Power Design Pro worked for you? Help other engineers quickly find the information they need to select their next generator by sharing your stories here.

Discover the real-world impact of Power Design Pro through the stories from our engineers who have experienced its benefits firsthand. See how Power Design Pro can transform your projects and elevate your engineering expertise.


  “The engineer gave us the loads and the horsepower of the motors. We plugged the information into Power Design Pro and it gave us the proper size generator to meet the customer’s needs. With the heavy inrush currents, it was determined the alternator would need to be upsized to meet the facility needs.” –  

 Chuck Rozycki, Senior Sales Engineer  

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