Summerfest Performance at the Generac stage.

Backup Power for  Events

Keep Your Event Running Smoothly

We provide mobile solutions to help power, light and heat a variety of events.  From festivals to fairs and even large golf outings, Generac Mobile products are built for long lasting use.

Our products for events include:

-  Fuel efficient and quiet light towers

-  Reliable and safe heaters built to withstand the most brutal temperatures

-  Quiet yet powerful generators

Providing Innovation

Our solutions include a broad portfolio of high-quality mobile products engineered specifically for events. Generac Mobile solution experts are dedicated to ensuring you have the right product for your needs, providing on-the-spot troubleshooting and solving application questions. View our products perfect for events below.

Mobile Products for Any Event

Generac Mobile provides sounds attenuated generators, powerful and efficient light towers, and heating solutions to keep your events running smoothly. Day or night. All year long.