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Standby Power for Grocery Stores

Grocery Stores are Important to the Community

As a grocery store owner, you take pride in offering customers a variety of fresh food. From produce to baked goods and snack foods, dairy to deli meat, you know how to store food for optional freshness. In addition to delicious food, you also provide customer service at your registers, which require electricity. So what happens when a bad storm knocks out utility power? Without a business standby generator, customers can’t make purchases and food begins to spoil. The bottom line is, without a generator, revenue is lost. Ensuring business continuity is vital for every business, including grocery stores.

What Happens When Grocery Stores Lose PowerProduce needs to stay fresh when the power goes out.

Most grocery stores have some type of backup power and a plan for when the power goes out. Typically, portable generators work for about two hours and only power registers and lights: not freezers filled with food. Store employees will move cold dairy and meat into a large cooler in the back that will keep food cold for a while. Generac automatic standby generators offer more than that—enough power for your lights, computers, and your freezers and coolers.

Benefits of Business Backup Power

As a grocery store, you can greatly benefit from having a standby generator. Most importantly, your food will not spoil. You’ll also keep your doors open, allowing customers to purchase items when they might need them most—during an outage. In addition to food, you’ll also have air conditioning, which is a huge relief for customers without it in their home after a storm. You also won’t have to venture out in bad weather to check on your business—your generator will automatically turn on and keep power on at all times.

Without power, not only would your food spoil, but your building would be dark and unsecured. This could result in loss of good and cash, as well as property damage. 

Employee safety is also very important. Without lights or temperature control, employees could be at risk. A business standby generator prevents all of these things from happening.

Products for Every Business

Generac understands that every business is different. We have products that will work well for grocery stores. We have distributors around the country and industry experts to help you find the right size and manage installation.

Protect Your Food and Much More

Get the Backup Power Your Grocery Store Needs! If you own a grocery store and don’t have a backup generator, you are taking a huge risk with your products and your assets. Don’t let a power outage hurt your bottom line. Find the business generator you need for your grocery store today!