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How Hurricanes Hurt Your Business

Take Action to Help Your Business Survive a Hurricane

Generac has determined that hurricanes and other storms combined cause 73% of all power outages. Unfortunately, FEMA estimates that 40-60% of businesses never reopen after a disaster.1 Businesses are more likely to succeed when they resume operations within five days. Planning ahead and investing in a business standby generator can help your business stay open and avoid devastating financial losses.

With a business standby generator and a business continuity plan prepared, your business can recover more quickly in the event of a hurricane or other severe weather. Minimizing your downtime after severe weather can retain the trust of existing customers and gain the loyalty of new ones. Generac has the equipment to protect your power both during and after the storm, and to resume normal business operations sooner.

1. "Make Your Business Resilient." FEMA.

Preserve Your Peace of Mind in a Hurricane

While you can’t stop hurricanes from coming, you can get added protection from them with a Generac business standby generator. Generac has a vast product line to fit your needs, from a small boutique to a large manufacturing site. Find the product you need today.