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Why My Business Needs a Generator in Winter

Bustling in a Blizzard: How Your Business Can Get Through Winter Storms

While you can’t control how cold it gets or how much snow comes, you can take steps to protect your business in winter storms. You want to avoid the costly damage that frigid temps along with heavy snow and ice can cause on your building and assets.

First, it’s important to make sure you heat stays on. Even a gas furnace requires electricity. In turn, this protects all of your assets, from your computers to your pipes, because it keeps the building environment at a comfortable, safe temperature. 

You want to ensure business continuity, which simply put, means you stay open even after a storm. A business standby generator can help you do that by keeping your electronics, lights, HVAC system, security system, and anything else you need up and running. Expanding water can lead to burst pipes, which can short out electronics. Therefore, in addition to protecting your physical business, you also want to protect your data. You can do this by placing all of your important digital information on backup servers. However, you can also protect your data as well as your equipment with a generator.

Another advantage of a generator is that employees do not have to be onsite for the generator to turn on and begin backing up your power. Your unit will automatically turn on within seconds of a power outage, so you won’t have to worry about a thing—including traveling to your location in inclement weather. It’s also a good time to look over your insurance policy. Make sure winter storm damage is covered, and if not, talk to your agent to add it onto your existing policy. Some companies may offer a discount for having a backup generator installed.

Important Benefits Amidst Flurries

There are a few steps to take in preparing for winter that specifically focus on snow. You should know how much snow your building can handle before the weight becomes too much. Check the roof drains and gutters to make sure they are free from debris. Take into consideration anything that has been added to the roof, including HVAC units, new covering, or solar panels. Next, develop a snow removal plan. Establish when you will take action so the snow load doesn’t get too heavy. 

Aside from these steps, a business standby generator will provide you with numerous benefits, protecting you in a storm and throughout winter. With a backup generator installed, you won’t need to go outside to start or connect it in winter as you would with a portable unit. With a natural gas standby unit, it doesn’t need to be refueled in winter (a diesel unit does). This adds to the comfort, convenience, and safety that comes along with having a business backup generator.

Get the most important emergency supply: a standby generator

As mentioned above, the most important emergency supply you will need is a standby generator. Generac can help! We have business standby units available to fit the size and needs of your business.