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Not only are there many size options for your backup generator; there are also fuel type options. We provide the information you need to choose the fuel type for your business standby generator. Generac revolutionized the business standby market by bringing the advantages of natural gas and propane to business owners.

Natural gas fuel generators utilize new technology in clean energy. This fuel type for business backup is plentiful and affordable. It is reliable because it is supplied as a meter service. It can be counted on in the most common emergency situations. It runs off a meter, not a fuel tank, so you don't need to schedule refueling or worry about running out. This fuel source never goes bad and does not require additives (as diesel does).

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<strong>Natural Gas</strong>
Liquid Propane

Just like in your home, Generac’s business standby generators can run on a propane fuel tank supply. Fuel tanks can provide up to 168 hours of run time before they need to be refilled. There are many advantages to choosing propane for your fuel. These include a long shelf life (can be stored for years), clean burning, and easy storage. If you do not have natural gas service, propane is a good alternative. Generac engines run on natural gas, propane, and diesel. 

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Find a Generator with your Fuel Type

Whether you decide natural gas, propane, or diesel is right for your business, Generac has many generator options. Explore our business standby units to learn more.