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Small Businesses Need Natural Disaster Backup Power

Natural Disaster Backup Power Generator Systems

Small businesses have more at stake when the power goes out than a homeowner. Not having backup power for your business puts your livelihood at risk. If you don’t have a standby generator, the time to get one is now. Generac has a variety of products and the expertise to find the best unit to meet your needs.

What Business Standby Generators Protect

When electrical power is lost during a natural disaster, businesses lose revenue. An automatic business standby generator protects all essential equipment including:

  • Industrial Refrigerators
  • Security Systems
  • Computers
  • Heat/AC
  • Lights

When your business has natural disaster backup power, you’re also protecting your reputation. When utility power goes out, the unit automatically turns on within seconds.

Small Business Natural Disaster Backup Considerations

One thing to consider when installing a business backup generator is equipment ratings. Ratings describe the allowable loading conditions and how they correlate to the unit's kilowatt size. It’s important to operate every unit according to the ratings to ensure proper installation and safe operation. You should also consider which essential items need to stay powered and choose a generator that can handle that capacity.

Who Needs a Natural Disaster Backup Power System?

In short, every business needs a natural disaster backup power generator system. It’s especially important to have a business standby generator if you have perishable goods. Losing food or other products significantly hurts your bottom line. If stopping mid-service would inconvenience a customer, you need backup power for outages. Businesses that need a backup generator most include:

Protect Your Business from Power Outages Now

What are you waiting for? Protect your small business from all types of power outages with a backup generator system today. Explore our products to find one that will meet your needs.