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Clean Energy PWRpartners Program

The tools you need to grow your business and client base.

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Making it Easier to Do Business: From Lead Generation to Installation

Trusted Brand

Over 60 years in leading the industry with home energy solutions.

Product Innovation

Meeting customer needs with new and fully integrated solutions.

Market Growth

Access to valuable leads to grow your customer base.


The Only True End-to-End ESS Solution

Powerful Battery

Scalable battery storage design makes our product easily accessible for every home.

Intelligent Home Energy

Our home energy monitoring system provides valuable insights to both you and your customers.

Integrated Ecosystem

From rooftop to battery, our operating system is completely integrated for ease of use.

Seamless Installation

Our Plug-n-Play operating system provides a better customer experience, and less service calls.


Access to a Broad Lineup


PWRpartners Program



Level up your business

Tap into a pipeline of customer leads to build your business through our market builder program. From lead share to sales follow-up and close - you don't have to go looking for clients, we make sure they come to you.


Get armed for success

Being an aligned contractor means you can save your time and money with PowerPlayCE.


Master installations and sales

This full-day training program covers the ins and outs of our Generac PWRcell solution and sales techniques. You'll leave the training session as a certified installer.


Get Started as a PWRpartner

1. COST:

Includes In-Home Appointments and PowerPlay CE.

2. RULES: Pretty Simple

For In-Home Appointments (IHCs) sent to you by Generac, you agree to present only Generac products and you agree to use PowerPlay CE.

3. KEYS TO SUCCESS: Also pretty simple, show up

An aligned Contractor shows up for the IHC. You can't close a sale if you don't show up!

4. TRAINING: Attend a full day CE certified training program

Successfully complete the 1-day training class. This class covers sales installation and servicing. Go to to sign up.

Want to learn more before signing up to a training session?
Join our On-Demand Webinars to get a preview.


Become a Generac PWRpartner

Use the form below to apply to become a PWRpartner. Once you apply, the Generac team will reach out to complete the process.

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Not a PWRcell installer yet? Click here to get trained and get started.

Installer Support

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