Quiet Portable Generator Power Where You Need It

You Need a <strong>Quiet</strong>

Portable Electricity without the Noise

When you go camping or host an outdoor party, you need a portable source of electricity. Camping should be about stargazing—not gazing at your generator when it’s too loud. Parties should be buzzing with music—not the sound of a generator. That’s why Generac has quiet portable generators.

While there are many portable generators on the market, some of them are loud and disruptive.

Did you know? 

  • Every one-decibel increase doubles the noise level. 
  • Some portable units are louder than a hair dryer, which can overpower others speaking.
  • The noise level has to do with the composition of the engine. Generac’s quiet generator engines run at about the same level as a normal conversation. 
Many Generators Are
Quiet Generator,

Portable Electricity, No Compromises

Generac has portable generators that are quiet without compromising power capabilities. The digital inverter converts power from DC to AC power through the alternator. The converted power along with varying engine speeds makes this unit nice and quiet. Don’t let your generator drown out the sound of laughter around the campfire.

Generate Smart Power with the iQ2000

Generate Smart Power with the iQ2000

The iQ2000 has a unique alternator, which makes it a quiet, smart generator option. You can also control the start, run, and stop functions quickly with the PowerDial. This quiet generator has three operating modes: Economy, Standard, and Turbo. You can heat up your coffee, dry your hair, or illuminate your tent in peace.

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The iQ 2000 is Your Solution

If quiet is your concern, the iQ2000 portable generator is a great solution. It has the power you need for your recreational activities. Its quiet operation won’t disturb other nearby campsites.

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