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When you host a tailgating party, or go camping, you need a quiet portable generator. Tailgating should be about getting hyped for the game—without a distracting, loud generator. Camping should be about listening to birds chirping—not the sound of your generator. That’s why Generac has quiet portable generators.

While there are many portable units on the market, some of them are loud.

The components of the engine contribute significantly to its noise level. While some are louder than a hairdryer, Generac’s quiet portable generators are no louder than a normal conversation.

Many Portable Generators
Full Power for Your Campsite,

Quiet Generator without Compromise

Generac has quiet portable generators that don’t compromise power capabilities. A digital inverter takes DC power and turns it into AC power through the alternator. Combine this with varying engine speeds and the noise is reduced significantly. Don’t let your generator drown out the sound of storytelling at your picnic table.

The iQ2000’s Quiet Portable Generator Power

The iQ2000’s Quiet Portable Generator Power

For a high quality generator that’s quiet, meet the iQ2000.

It features the PowerDial to start, run, and stop the portable unit quickly. It also has Economy, Standard, and Turbo operating modes. Light up your tent, heat up breakfast, or charge your phone in peace.
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If you need a portable generator that’s quiet, the IQ2000 is your solution. Its quiet operation won’t disturb other campsites. It has the power you need for any recreational activity.

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