Rapid Startup with the PowerDial™

Generac RS Series

The RS Series portable generators provide backup power with a turn of the PowerDial™. By putting all the controls on one convenient dial, the startup process is streamlined.

Power That's as Simple as 1, 2, 3.

All startup essentials on a single dial

The PowerDial™ on the RS Series portable generators put all the controls you need to operate the generator on a single dial: fuel valve, choke, start, and shutdown.

  1. Turn the dial to the Start position.
  2. Push the dial on electric start models to start the generator, or pull the recoil on manual start models.
  3. Turn the dial to Run.

When it's time to shut the generator off, simply turn the dial to Stop.

RS Series Features and Benefits

In addition to the PowerDial™, the RS Series boasts premium features that make it ideal for backup power, or when you need portable electricity around your home.

RS Series <strong>Features and Benefits</strong>

Heavy Duty 1¼" Hardened Steel Tube Cradle
The cradle on the RS Series has been designed to protect your generator, even under the roughest conditions.

Generac OHV Engine
Generac's own OHV engine features splash lubrication for long, reliable service.

Covered Outlets
When not being used, all RS Series outlets have this added protection from the environment and rugged working conditions.

Fold-down Locking Handle
The handle makes the generator easy to transport, but also compact to store.

Large-capacity Fuel Tank with Fuel Gauge
Extend running times and make refueling easier on your RS Series portable generator.

Heavy-duty, Never-flat Wheels
Helping to make your portable power that much more so, these wheels will let you take your RS Series portable generator across any terrain.

Where Can I

Generac Portable Generators Are Available Nationwide

Perhaps a better question is where can't you buy a Generac portable generator. You'll find Generac portables at most home centers, many major retailers, e-commerce merchants, or one of our more than 5000 independent dealers across the United States.

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