The Power to Work.
Professional-grade Portables.

The Power to Work

Utility power isn’t always available where and when you need to tackle home improvement projects. Take a Generac portable generator to that far corner of your property instead of running lengthy extension cords. Or rely upon portable power if you need to turn off utility power for extensive home improvement work.

The Power to <strong>Work</strong>

Up to 17,500 Watts
Generac offers one of the largest portable generators available. Delivering 17,500 watts, you'll be able to tackle even the biggest jobs with the biggest power tools.

Professional-grade Features
From hardened cradles to covered outlets to GFCI protection, the broad range of Generac portable generators means you can choose the professional-grade features that best meet your needs.

Emergency Backup Power
When not fixing up around the house, your Generac portable generator can be used for emergency power during a power outage.


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Backup power, recreation power, work power ... tell us what you need your portable generator to power and our tool will recommend a product that meets your specific needs.

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Generac Portable Generator Products

Generac Portable Generator Products

Get the Job Done with Generac Portable Generators

Generac offers a broad selection of portable generators with a variety of professional-grade features, so you can choose the generator that meets your specific power needs. Explore Portable Products
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Generac Portable Generators Are Available Nationwide

Perhaps a better question is where can't you buy a Generac portable generator. You'll find Generac portables at most home centers, many major retailers, e-commerce merchants, or one of our more than 5000 independent dealers across the United States.

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