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Grade. Rake. Flatten.

Professional Grade Power Graders

Generac PRO’s heavy duty Power Grader features grading teeth 10 times harder than steel. Maintain baseball fields or build a driveway with the adjustable grading depth and reverse leveling blade. Easily store The rechargeable battery- charger included- controls a powerful electric motor. It is easily removed without tools to bring indoors when not in use

  • 14 carbide-tipped grading teeth
  • Rear leveling blade
  • Towable
  • Reachargable battery

Our Power Grader’s 14 carbide-tipped grading teeth are 10 times harder than steel. Each tooth is made of the same tungsten carbide used by mining equipment to drill through solid rock. They loosen hard-packed dirt and gravel across a 60-in. grading width to remove bumps and washboard. The rear leveling blade then spreads the loosened material evenly.

From smoothing parking gravel to filling potholes, our professional grade power grader is built for any job. A remote controlled actuator gives you the ability to raise the teeth from 4.5 inches above the surface to 9/16 inch below. You can break up soil’s crust then level it right after.


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