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Enbala/Southern California Edison Power Flex Program

Southern California Edison, in partnership with Generac Power Systems, is offering SCE residential customers the opportunity to earn $250*, and help their community create a more sustainable and resilient electrical grid.

The Power Flex Program is a virtual power plant pilot that allows Generac and SCE to use residential solar PV and battery storage to power homes during times of peak demand on the distribution system. This helps alleviate pressure on the grid and prevent power outages. This means that you, your neighbors, and the greater community can continue to live life uninterrupted, while contributing to electrical grid advancements.

Joining the Power Flex Program is hassle-free; participating homeowners won’t notice a thing! When SCE identifies a spike in demand, Generac will automatically power your home through your battery storage system, alleviating grid congestion without compromising your family’s power needs. Don’t worry – if there is a power outage, your battery will have reserved power for backup purposes. It’s so easy – Generac manages the program for you, and you benefit by collecting $250*!

*The $250 reward will disbursed as an eGift card. To receive your reward, you must provide an active email address. The eGift card will be provided to participating customers following the close of the program, which ends on September 30, 2022. eGift cards will be emailed to customers in October 2022.

Questions? Please call 1-866-605-0120

Earn $250* by using your PWRcell solar + storage system to support grid resiliency and help your community.

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Help Alleviate Grid Stress
When electrical demand peaks, your PWRcell system will power your home, helping SCE to stabilize the grid and prevent power outages.

Contribute to a Sustainable Community
Be part of a community program that helps manage electrical demand and helps ensure the reliability of the local electrical grid and resiliency of your local community.

Easy to Participate
The Power Flex Program is administered by Generac and SCE. Once your sign-up, and your enrollment is verified and approved, we will take care of the rest.

Backup Power Supply Available
We will make sure you always have backup power available. So you can do your part to help the community without compromising your home’s energy needs.

*The $250 reward will disbursed as an eGift card. To receive your reward, you must provide an active email address. The eGift card will be provided to participating customers following the close of the program, which ends on September 30, 2022. eGift cards will be emailed to customers in October 2022.

Get rewarded!

Just for signing up and participating, you’ll receive $250*!


Questions? Please call 1-866-605-0120

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I participate in the Power Flex Program?
By participating in this program, you will be helping to improve the resiliency of your local utility grid by using your PWRcell solar and storage system to power your home when SCE is experiencing peak demand. By doing so, you help alleviate pressure on the electrical grid and prevent power outages, which can pose significant damage, high costs and inconvenience for your community.

How does the Program Flex Program work?
When electrical energy demand is high in the SCE territory, Generac will remotely discharge the stored energy in your battery storage system to begin powering your home. You won’t notice a thing; appliances or electrical loads that aren’t powered by your PWRcell system will continue to run on utility power.

Who’s eligible to participate?
To be eligible, you must own a residential property and have an active SCE service account. You must also have an installed and operational Generac PWRcell solar + battery storage system. You cannot be enrolled in Southern California Edison’s Smart Energy Program, Summer Discount Plan or a third party demand response program.

What do I need to do to participate in the Power Flex Program?
Sign-up and meet the qualifications to participate. Once you’re approved, Generac will send a firmware update to your PWRcell system, which will allow us to discharge your stored solar energy when the grid demand is high. Remember, the energy being discharged is powering your home, and you will still be able to use utility power for any load not powered with PWRcell. When grid demand is at normal levels, your PWRcell will resume normal operations.

What if I have multiple homes, and they all have PWRcell systems?
If you own multiple homes with PWRcell systems in SCE’s territory, with separate, active SCE service accounts, each home may qualify to participate. You will receive the $250 eGift card for each home that is approved to participate in the Power Flex Program.

How long does it take to be approved to participate in the Power Flex Program?
You will be notified within 7 business days.

When will I receive the $250 incentive?
The $250 incentive will be paid via an eGift card. Participants will receive an email from Generac with instructions on how to claim the eGift card following the completion of the program, on or after September 30th, 2022.

If I change my mind, can I un-enroll in the program?
If you change your mind, you can un-enroll at any time by clicking HERE. There are no obligations to stay in the program, and you will not incur penalties for un-enrollment. However, if you un-enroll before September 30th, 2022 then you will not be eligible to receive the $250 eGift card.

How many times will my PWRcell be used during the Power Flex Program?
Your PWRcell will be called upon to provide power to your home during peak grid demand a minimum of 50 times throughout the program, but no more than 100 times.

What happens to my system if there is an outage?
Power Flex events will never utilize all of the energy reserved by your PWRcell system, protecting your home’s resiliency in the case of an outage. Your solar system will charge your battery for backup power, maintaining a reserve available that is not affected by events for the Program. You will still have a backup power available in the case of an outage. 

What happens to my system if the grid is shut down for Wildfire Prevention?
There has been a lot of communication around planned outages across California in 2021 and beyond, which could include your area. Whenever there is an outage - whether that outage is planned for maintenance, a shutdown for wildfire prevention, or an emergency on the grid - your system will react the same way. Your PWRcell system will disconnect from the grid, and your solar system will continue working during the day. At night you will use energy from your battery to support the four circuits you’ve chosen to back up. Participation in the Power Flex Program will not impact the backup capabilities of your system. 

What data will be shared with SCE?
For the purposes of the Power Flex Program, we will share the following information with SCE:

  • Account holders first and last name
  • Service account number
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Service account address
  • Phone number
  • Battery manufacturer
  • Battery model number
  • Enrollment status change
  • Solar system type
  • Battery interval data
  • Solar interval data

What number can I can I call if I have more questions?
If you have additional questions, you may contact Generac at 1-866-605-0120.

Can I confirm this program with SCE?
Yes, you may contact SCE at (800) 655-4555