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This is a 97% Untapped Market. Are You In It?

Why Generators?

Your business gives you the advantage of immediate access to customers that will benefit from backup power. Generac gives you the ability to offer comprehensive power solutions to cover any situation with extensive lines of both automatic standby and portable generators.

With 97% of homeowners still without an automatic backup system, the market is wide open. Your piece of this market can be as big as you want. Every home is an opportunity with Generac because there is a size solution for every customer’s requirements, including the first standby generator engineered specifically for off-grid applications.

There's No Limit to Your Success.

A Product Category Experiencing Rapid Growth

Since 2001, the standby generator market has grown every year and despite challenging economic conditions. Frost & Sullivan forecasts steady future growth, with an average yearly revenue increase of 5% through 2017. Between 2012 and 2017, the North America residential generator revenue is expected to grow almost 28%, according to Frost & Sullivan.

As the pioneer in this category, Generac has grown at an even faster pace, continually enjoying double digit growth every year to maintain market leader status with over 70% market share.

Representing a successful, recognized name with a solid reputation makes it easier to close the sale. Consumers feel confident knowing the product they are investing in is the leader in the marketplace. Use this confidence to your advantage!

Our Market Share Will Work for You
Commercial Power

Generac has identified and responded to the need for affordable, higher kW units for small to mid-size businesses and larger residences. Generac’s innovative engineering has eliminated the noise, cost, and environmental issues that once made standby power impractical for these applications.

Facts by Industry

  • The average gas station and convenience store loses $25K revenue on a down day
  • The average hotel loses $56K revenue on a down day
  • The average restaurant will experience a 30% loss due to food spoilage on a down day
  • Retail stores can lose up the $25k in revenue on a down day

Commercial product can give you a competitive advantage. Click here to learn more about liquid cooled commercial generators today.

Take Advantage of Increased Consumer Awareness

Everyone relies on power in their daily life. Heating, cooling, refrigeration and lighting are necessities homes and businesses depend on.
In the wake of the many widespread power outages of 2012, consumer awareness of and demand for home backup power has increased dramatically. Hurricane Sandy and the late autumn ice storms on the East Cost reminded millions of consumers that they need a solution to long-term power outages before the lights go out. Now is the time to capitalize on this trend and offer them the solution chosen by 7 out of 10 home backup generator customers.

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