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Whole Home Power - Clean and Simple

Real backup power with
PWRcell Solar + Storage

A Whole Home Transfer Switch

The brand-new PWRcell Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) allows integrators to power the entire home. Forget about compromises, sub-panels and transferring circuits.

Load Management

Do more backup with less battery. Better than load-shedding, PWRcell load management simply pauses large loads like hot-water heaters and HVAC when the essentials need more power.

More Power

Access more backup power than ever before. The PWRcell Inverter now provides up to 9,000W with a single PWRcell battery or up to 11,000W with additional PV or second battery.

More Capacity

New PWRcell battery modules feature a full 3.0kWh of energy capacity and a greater tolerance for hot and cold conditions. Get more power for longer durations with the new PWRcell battery module.

Take it outside, now

The new Outdoor Rated (OR) battery cabinet enables 100% outdoor installations. When paired with the new PWRcell battery module, installations in hot and cold conditions are no problem.

The option to install outdoors is not only faster and more convenient, it allows installers to easily meet code requirements for storage and frees up valuable interior space for your customer.


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