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What is PWRzone?

Explore how PWRzone technology is the simpler and more innovative way to install solar.


The New Way to Maximize the Efficiency of Rooftop Solar

With its flexible design for tackling shade and handling complex roof lines, PWRzone delivers a simpler way to ensure peak production in any condition. Comprised of the 2,500W PV Link power optimizer and the NEC-compliant SnapRS rapid shutdown switch, PWRzone manages the array's voltage and current to maximize efficiency without the complexity of rooftop electronics.

Shade management and optimization simplified

Never fear shade. As a DC-to-DC power optimizer, the PV Link uses an advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) to optimize power output and ensure that non-shaded modules produce at maximum output. This allows installers to separate roof facets into PWRzones that gather solar energy and transmit it to a DC tied system.

Faster & easier to install

With up to 87% less components than a system with micro inverters, installs are quicker to design and install, with less components on the roof.

Fewer points of failure, fewer truck rolls

PWRzone solves the problem of complexity with a simple series-architecture. With PWRzone, one power converter does the work of up to nine MLPEs, reducing rooftop connections by more than half, minimizing issues and saving you the cost of potential truck rolls.


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