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What to Buy. And Where to Get It.

You're making a big investment. That's why we want you to understand as much as possible about the Generac power system you're considering. We've assembled product information you can download, a directory of dealers and retailers who can sell and install your generator, and the resources you need for support after you make your purchase.

Home Standby

Find The Right Home Standby Generator For You

With a few clicks of the mouse, our easy-to-use generator sizing calculator will recommend a range of generators that fit your needs.

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Prepare for Power Outages

Prepare for Power Outages

Be Prepared and Be Safe for Severe Weather

What should you do if you know severe weather is on the way? We've developed tips and advice to help you stay safe when thunderstorms and severe weather knock out the power. Prepare for Severe Weather


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Four Unexpected Things You’ll Miss During a Winter Power Outage

Four Unexpected Things You’ll Miss During a Winter Power Outage

According to a recent study, just four percent of homeowners surveyed selected heat as the household item they would miss the most during a power outage, compared to more than half (51%) who said they would miss their TV the most. Read the Full Article

What To Know About Winter Storm Preparedness

What To Know About Winter Storm Preparedness

An automatic home standby generator from Generac automatically provides power for heat and electricity when there's a power outage. Read the Full Article