Earn up to $1,000* 

Sign up for the California Virtual Power Plant Program

Use your PWRCell to earn up to $1,000 up front + $100 annually*


Generac is proud to announce a new program that will help save you money, improve the reliability of your community’s power grid, and integrate more renewable energy in California.

Enroll your PWRcell battery into Generac’s California Virtual Power Plant Program and earn up to $1,000 up front + $100 each additional year you participate in the program.

This program is available to California customers that receive their electricity bill from Pacific Gas & Electric, San Diego Gas & Electric, or Southern California Edison, including customers that are served by Community Choice Aggregators in these regions.

What is the Generac California Virtual Power Plant Program?

Surges in electricity use and extreme weather conditions can cause the demand for electricity to rise and put a major strain on our electrical grid. The California Virtual Power Plant Program can help by leveraging renewable energy and battery storage to provide the grid with more flexibility.

Participating PWRcell solar + storage system homeowners can earn up to $1,000, on top of what you’re already saving on your monthly utility bill, by using battery power to alleviate stress on the electrical grid during on-peak hours from 4-9 pm.

Customers with a newly installed system are eligible to receive $1,000 upfront. Customers with an existing PWRcell (installed and activated more than one month before your completed enrollment application was received by Generac) are eligible to receive $500. At the end of each eligible year you remain in the program, you will receive another $100.

*Terms and conditions apply. Click HERE for details.

Here's how it works:

After your enrollment is confirmed, we will program your battery to power your loads and export energy to the grid from 7-9 pm every day.
On select days, when there is a grid need earlier during the peak period, we remotely shift the battery to power your loads and export between 4-7 pm.
Stay in control. You can opt-out of these daily energy events at any time by sending an email to our Network Operations Center at noc@generacgs.com
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Get rewarded for using your Generac PWRcell battery to help create a more reliable grid in California

Get rewarded!

Just for enrolling with your Generac PWRcell, you’ll receive up to $1,000. Then, at the end of each subsequent year you participate in the program, you’ll receive $100.


Contribute to a resileint community by optimizing renewable energy

By reducing your dependence on the electrical grid and utilizing your solar and battery power at the right times, you’re helping to make the grid more stable, resilient, and flexible.

Easy to participate

Once you sign up and your enrollment is verified & approved, we take care of the rest. This program will operate as long as we can support the grid through your local utility program or by participating in the California energy market.


*Terms & Conditions apply. Click HERE for details.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is a VPP Program?
A Virtual Power Plant (VPP) is a cloud-based network of Distributed Energy Resources (like battery storage devices, backup generators, and smart thermostats) that can be utilized to reduce stress on the electrical grid during times of peak energy use.

Why does Generac offer this program?
As the market leader in backup power generation, Generac is always looking for ways to help our customers gain additional value through their Generac products. The California Virtual Power Plant Program rewards homeowners for using energy storage to support the resiliency of the grid at critical times, while also helping integrate more renewable energy in the local community.

How do I enroll?
You can apply to participate in the program by clicking HERE to submit your application. We will review the information you provide and reply with your status within 30 days. If you apply to the program prior to installing and commissioning your PWRcell, we will hold your application until we see your system has been activated. We monitor new system activations as they occur, so there is no action you need to take once you submit an application. After your system has been activated, we will be able to notify you about your final enrollment status.

How long does the program last for?
The California Virtual Power Plant Program operates as long as Generac is able to support the grid by participating in local utility programs or the California energy market. If the program options change, information regarding new participation incentives or program cancellation for future years will be communicated in advance. We are always keeping our eye out for new ways to save you money and as those opportunities develop, we will bring them to you.

Who can participate in the program?
The program is available to customers that meet the following conditions:

  • Live in California and receive their electricity bill from Pacific Gas & Electric, San Diego Gas & Electric, or Southern California Edison, including customers that are served by Community Choice Aggregators in these regions.

  • Own Generac PWRcell Solar + Storage System that is ready to participate in the Program (e.g., fully permitted, registerd, and activated).

  • Own the home where the participating PWRcell is located.

  • PWRcell is connected to a reliable internet source (ethernet or cellular).

  • You do not operate critical life support equipment at the participating address.

  • You do not already participate in a demand response program with another third-party aggregator or your utility.

How will my data be used?
To confirm you are eligible to participate in the program, we need to gather data including your name, phone number, address, and e-mail address. In addition, you will need to share your energy usage information with our program partner, Leap, through the Share My Data process. This data will be shared with Generac affiliates and subcontractors, your local utility and utility program administrator, and the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) for purposes of implementing the program. Your data will be protected and will never be sold to other parties. You can read more about how we use and protect your data in the program terms and conditions and Generac’s privacy policy.

Once I sign up, is my enrollment guaranteed?
No; once you submit your application, a member of the Generac team will review and verify that you meet all enrollment requirements. In addition, the California Independent System Operator that runs the California energy market will verify that you are eligible to participate in the energy market. If you meet all program requirements, you will receive an email confirming your enrollment.

After I enroll, do I need to do anything to participate?
Once we confirm over email that you are enrolled in the program, you do not need to take any action for the rest of the program. We will remotely set-up your PWRcell battery and manage it during an energy event.

Why was my application denied?
If your application to join the program was denied, it is most likely because you did not meet all the enrollment requirements. The most common reasons for denial include:

  • Your home contains critical care equipment

  • Your electricity is not delivered by Pacific Gas & Electric, San Diego Gas & Electric, or Southern California Edison.

  • PWRcell battery is not connected to an active Internet source (ethernet or cellular)


What is an energy event?
An energy event is a period where there is very high energy use in California, low amounts of available renewable energy, high wholesale electricity prices, or there has been loss of energy supply from power plants, and we can reduce the energy demand of our customers by discharging excess energy stored in their PWRcell batteries to help the electricity system maintain reliability.

How will my PWRcell be used as part of the program?
Every day, your battery will be programmed to automatically charge from solar during off-peak hours and to discharge from 7-9 pm PST down to the minimum reserve setting (most commonly 20 or 30% state of charge). On select days, we will shift the discharge of the battery to 4-7 pm PST by remotely managing the battery to respond to the needs of the power grid and your utility.

When will you typically discharge my PWRcell battery?
We will only discharge your PWRcell during the on-peak period, between the hours of 4-9 pm.

How many times will you discharge my PWRcell and how long will a discharge event typically last?
Your battery will automatically discharge every day from 7-9 pm to reduce your on-peak energy charges and make the grid more flexible. Generac will sometimes shift the discharge of your battery to 4-7 pm depending on the needs of the power grid and your utility. The discharge of the battery will last 2-3 hours.

How will I know if an event is occurring?
You can open your PWRview mobile application to see if your battery is discharging. On the home screen of PWRview, click the battery icon and then select “Day” at the top of the screen. This will show you whether the battery is charging, discharging, or sitting idle.

Can I opt-out of participating in an event?
Yes, you can always opt out of individual energy events for any reason.

How do I opt-out of participating in an event?
You can opt-out of an event by sending an email to our Network Operations Center at noc@generacgs.com.

Will participation affect my energy bill?
Prior to participating in the program, most PWRcell owners use their battery to offset demand during on-peak hours (4-9 pm) to reduce their energy bill. Through the program, we prioritize the use of the battery during the hours that are most critical for the power grid on any given day. This means that instead of offsetting the demand from 4-9 pm, we are maximizing the use of the battery in a smaller period (either 7-9 pm, 6-8 pm, or 5-7 pm, depending on your rate). Because your time-of-use rate allows you to receive credits from exporting to the grid at the same rate you pay for energy during the on-peak period, there is no bill impact to shifting when you discharge your battery if it is discharged during the on-peak period. As a result, participation in the program should not impact your energy bill.

What happens if there is a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS)?
We recommend that you activate Outage Guard through your PWRview app. Outage Guard is a system feature that will make sure you’re prepared before the next storm hits or PSPS event takes place. Outage Guard monitors weather forecasts nationwide and PSPS events in CA and prompts your PWRcell system to automatically charge its battery to full capacity before a storm hits in your area, ensuring you have power when you need it. Once the storm and the threat of a power outage subsides, your PWRcell system will automatically revert to participating in the program. To take advantage of Outage Guard simply enable the feature on the setting page of your PWRview app.


How will I be rewarded for participation?
After all the requirements have been met and your enrollment has been confirmed, customers that have installed a PWRcell within a month of enrollment will receive $1,000. Customers that have an existing PWRcell, installed one or more months before enrollment, will receive $500. In addition, in December of each subsequent year you participate in the program, all customers will receive $100.

When will I receive my incentive?
You will receive your enrollment incentive, a thank you for signing up, within 60 days of your enrollment date. If you unenroll from the program before the 60-day marker, you will not be eligible to receive this enrollment incentive. You will receive your annual $100 participation incentive in December starting in the year after your enrollment. To receive the annual incentive, you must be enrolled in the program at the time the incentive is sent.

Is the enrollment incentive taxable?
Generac must file a 1099 to the federal government on behalf of any customer that receives energy incentives over $600 per year. For individual tax questions, we recommend you consult a tax professional.


How do I unenroll?
You can unenroll from the program by clicking HERE.

Are there any penalties for unenrolling?
There are no penalties for unenrolling from the program. However, if you unenroll before 60 days from when you received your enrollment confirmation from Generac, you will not qualify to receive the enrollment incentive. Additionally, if you unenroll prior to December of any year, you will not be eligible to receive the $100 annual payment for that year.
As a new service we’re providing to our California customers, we may send you a survey over email to understand your reason for unenrollment. Although not required, we appreciate any feedback you can provide. By understanding your experiences in the program, we can further improve what we offer to you and other customers in the future.