At this time, we are no longer accepting applicants. Please check back for future program information and updates.

What is the demand response home generator program?


Extreme weather events in Michigan emphasize the critical importance of having electricity in your home. As the market leader in backup power generation, Generac, in partnership with DTE Energy, is proud to offer Home Standby Generator owners a way to earn rewards while helping support the integrity of the grid, at critical times.

Extreme weather conditions and increased electricity use during peak times can put a strain on the electrical grid.

The Demand Response Home Generator Program harnesses generator power to help ease the strain on the grid when energy demand is high. There is no work on your part – it is easy and convenient.

If you are a DTE electric and live in the state, you may be eligible to earn up to $350* for enrolling and participating through 2025.

*Terms and conditions apply. To be eligible for the incentive, you must apply, be accepted into, and continue to participate in the Program in accordance with the Program Requirements. View the Terms and Conditions, including Program Requirements.

  • Demand Response Event

    After you are approved to participate and enrolled in the program, DTE may notify Generac during times of peak energy demand to help ease strain on the grid. This is referred to as a Demand Response Event (or a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) event).

  • Trigger Generator

    Generac will turn on your Home Standby generator remotely and it will begin powering your home automatically. You don't need to do a thing and you won't notice any difference in the shift of power. Events will take place between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. ET and last one to four hours each. The maximum number of hours for events will not exceed 40 hours annually.

  • Generator will turn off

    Once the period of peak energy demand has passed, your homes’ electric usage will return to normal, and your generator will turn off. You’ll always have the option to opt-out if there’s ever a time you don’t want to participate in a Demand Response Event.

At this time, we are no longer accepting new applicants

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Maximize the benefits of your home standby generator

  • Help ease strain on the grid

    By participating in the Demand Response Home Generator Program, you can help keep the lights on by reducing load on the grid and providing the capacity DTE needs during emergency situations.

  • Support your community

    Generac has partnered with DTE to help provide, reliable and affordable power to you and all customers.

  • Get rewarded

    In addition to the peace of mind that you receive from Generac products, you can earn a $100 gift card up-front, plus another $250 gift card at the end of the program in 2025.