Earn up to $125*  Sign up for the New York Virtual Power Plant Program

Use your Generac PWRcell™ Solar + Storage System to make up to $125*

Available to PSEG-LI customers

Generac is proud to announce a new program that will help improve your community's electrical grid reliability, ensuring that essential businesses, such as gas stations, banks, grocery stores, and even schools always have power.

Enroll your PWRcell battery into the New York Virtual Power Plant Program and earn up to $125 for helping alleviate stress on the grid during peak power usage times from June-October.

What is the new york virtual power plant program?

Surges in electricity use and extreme weather conditions can cause the demand for electricity to soar and put a major strain on our electrical grid. This can result in community-wide power outages that affect your ability to complete everyday tasks like filling up on gas, withdrawing cash from the bank, or going grocery shopping. It can also lead to an increase in your monthly energy bill.

That’s why Generac has partnered with the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) and with Long Island Power Authority (PSEG – LI) to offer the New York Virtual Power Plant Program. Participating PWRcell solar + storage system homeowners can earn up to $125, on top of what you’re already saving on your monthly utility bill, by using battery power in order to alleviate stress on the electrical grid when demand is high.

*Terms and conditions apply. Click HERE for details.

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PWRcell battery system

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Earn up to $125 by using your PWRcell to help create a more reliable grid in New York

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Just for signing up, you may be eligible to receive up to $75, followed by another $50 at the end of the year. You’ll also receive $125 at the end of each year that you remain in the program, after the first year.

Contribute to a resilient community

By reducing your dependence on the electrical grid, you’re helping to eliminate the need for new, expensive, CO2 emitting power plants that can contribute to climate change and higher electricity costs.

Easy to participate

Once you sign up and your enrollment is verified & approved, we take care of the rest. This program runs annually, from June-October.

*Rewards will be paid in the form of electronic gift card payments. Terms & Conditions apply. Click HERE for details.

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Questions? Please call 1-855-899-0049