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Stabilize the Power Grid

By joining forces with fellow Texas generator owners, you can play a crucial role in helping stabilize the power grid.

In this exclusive program, Generac will remotely turn on your generator up to ten times per year to support the power grid. For enrolling, we’ll enter you in an annual sweepstakes to win $5,000! Every time we call on your generator thereafter, you’ll get a bonus entry into the sweepstakes.¹ In addition, every hour your generator runs we’ll send you $5, which can help cover your fuel costs and put a little extra in your pocket.²

Your generator already runs once a week for testing (about six hours a year). Why not run it a few more hours to earn rewards and help your Texas community avoid power outages?

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Here's how it works:

Generac monitors the power grid, looking for potential signs of instability.
If there is an emergency, Generac will remotely turn on your generator to power your home. You are in full control and, with the touch of a button in the Mobile Link app, you can opt-out of participating in the grid saving event.
At the end of the grid saving event, Generac turns off your generator and your home resumes using grid power.
By using your generator, you’ll not only have peace of mind while your home stays powered, but you can also help keep your neighbors and local businesses uninterrupted by power outages.


  • You own a Generac Home Standby generator that is 16 kW or larger
  • Your generator is connected through WiFi or LTE and has a paid Mobile Link account
  • Live in a part of Texas served by Retail Electric Providers (if you are served by a municipality or cooperative, you are currently not eligible)
  • Do not operate critical life support equipment in the home
  • Not already enrolled in a demand response program registered with the Electric Reliability Council of Texas

*Terms and conditions apply. To be eligible for the incentive, you must apply, be accepted into, and continue to participate in the Program in accordance with the Program Requirements. For a full list of Terms and Conditions, including Program Requirements, click here.

¹ Sweepstakes terms and conditions apply

² Fuel cost calculated using the volume of fuel used per hour when a generator is operating at 25% of its rated capacity by the cost of delivered natural gas and propane in Texas from 2022, as tracked by the U.S. Energy Information Administration. The rate of fuel usage in this calculation is an average across generator models that typically participate in grid services programs, including air cooled generators sized from 22 – 26 kW. Since fuel costs can fluctuate seasonally, Generac calculates fuel costs for summer, winter, spring, and fall periods.

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