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Fuel System Inspection Program

Attention Home Backup Generator Customers

Current owners of Generac air-cooled home standby generators greater than 13kW that were manufactured between 2008 and 2015 are eligible for a one-time, no cost inspection to determine whether the unit’s plenum (a component of the fuel system) has excessive corrosion due to poor installation or maintenance conditions.  Current owners of systems meeting the above description can call 1-855-388-3181 or any authorized local service dealer for more details about receiving a free inspection. Please have your generator serial number and the address the generator is located at available when calling.
Owners of systems who either: (1) previously participated in the limited inspection program and incurred an $80 inspection fee; or (2) declined to have an inspection done at that time, have been sent a notice on how to submit a claim for a free inspection or for reimbursement of the $80 inspection fee they paid for the reduced cost inspection.  Please refer to the notice provided for further instructions. 

Maintenance Tips for your Automatic Home Backup Generator

Keeping up with scheduled maintenance helps ensure your home standby generator operates in top condition and meets warranty requirements. Failing to perform scheduled maintenance can lead to your generator breaking down, just as a car might break down if oil is not changed or other maintenance intervals are missed.  Scheduled maintenance helps protect your investment in your generator.
Maintenance requirements vary between home standby generator models, so always consult your owner’s manual for recommended maintenance intervals.  Regular maintenance includes changing air filters, oil and oil filters, spark plugs, checking battery charge, sediment traps, valve clearance, inspecting the fuel system, and cleaning the generator from dirt and debris inside the enclosure and outside around the unit. The use of your generator determines maintenance intervals. Your generator will need oil replenished, fuel and oil line inspections, and inspection of enclosure louvers for dirt and debris if the unit is running daily, such as in a prolonged utility outage.  Generac recommends contacting an Independent Authorized Service Dealer (IASD) to service your generator.

For optimal efficiency when using your air-cooled generator, follow these tips:

  • Verify that the generator is not placed in direct path of irrigation systems, downspouts, or positioned underneath an eve without a gutter.
  • ‚ÄčVerify the generator has proper clearance of 18” from the back and 36” on each side of the generator (including plants, fences, and other materials), and is at a safe distance away from any doors, windows or other openings into the home.
  • Verify the unit mounting surface is in good condition (free from cracks, stable, level, etc.).
  • Check the area surrounding the unit for evidence of excess water (standing water, eroded landscape, water marks on enclosure, etc.).

  • Verify all foreign material is removed from inside and outside the enclosure.
  • Verify the intake and exhaust louvers on the sides of the generator are clean and free of debris.

Control Panel
  • Verify the control panel fuse has not opened.

  • Verify the battery terminals are clean and tight.

Fuel System
  • Check the integrity of the fuel system components (fuel plenum, regulator assembly, external fuel lines, etc.).
  • Check all fuel system fittings to ensure they are tight and not leaking.
  • Verify the fuel system is clear of debris and corrosion.  Important:  Please note that excessive corrosion of the fuel system or fuel plenum can lead to fuel leaks, if left unaddressed, which may pose a risk of fire.

Engine System
  • Verify that the engine oil level is sufficient.
  • Inspect the air filter and determine if replacement is needed.

Generac recommends having your unit serviced every 6 months by an IASD.  To locate your nearest dealer, visit