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Generac at SPI

The live 2021 SPI tradeshow is off, but news this big couldn't wait.

Generac knows power better than anyone. That’s why we have dominated the residential backup power market for 60 years and are continuing to lead. On Tuesday September 21st, Generac hosted a virtual launch event in partnership with CED Greentech, where we introduced 3 exciting new products that revolutionize home energy and add to the ways Generac can work for YOU.

The PWRgenerator is a revolution in home energy security, exclusively from Generac. When sunlight is unavailable or insufficient, this DC-coupled generator recharges batteries quietly and automatically, unlocking indefinite backup power. Offer the best of both worlds: powerful solar + battery storage and trusted Generac generator technology.

Add unbeatable flexibility and value to the PWRcell System by enabling whole home backup, controlled via the user-friendly PWRview app. The PWRmanager enables batteries to work smarter, so fewer batteries can power the home for longer. This easy-to-install load management device integrates seamlessly with PWRcell, dramatically improving system performance.

The microinverter technology that you’re familiar with, now from the leader in home energy technology. PWRmicros make high performance residential solar faster, easier, and more affordable. Generac PWRmicros simplify installation and maximize production, despite shade and complex rooflines. Leading power throughput enables larger modules to produce at 100% without clipping, maximizing lifetime system value.


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Generac is your source for high performance energy solutions. No other company offers the complete lineup of clean energy products, accessories, tools, and resources designed to meet the needs of professionals, homeowners, and utility partners. From PWRcell, our flagship Solar + Battery Storage System, to Enbala, our distributed energy management platform, Generac is leading the market in clean energy technology.