Equipment  Uninterrupted

Generac’s MiraLink remote monitoring and control with automated compliance reporting means next-level energy resilience without the headache of meeting code compliance.


MiraLink is an advanced Industrial IoT solution that will transform how you manage your power equipment. It provides real-time monitoring, control, and customizable compliance reporting. This enhances equipment reliability, and operational efficiency, through predictive maintenance and advanced analytics. It’s the essential tool for maximizing not just the potential for Generac power equipment but any manufacturer equipment, leaving your facility uninterrupted.

  • Facility Access 24/7

    Get real-time access to your facilities anytime from anywhere with cellular connectivity.

  • Proactive Notifications

    Take immediate action on issues with real-time SMS or email alerts for alarms or warnings on your equipment.

  • OEM Agnostic

    Monitor all your assets from the same platform, regardless of make, model or age.

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Connectivity  Gateway Ships Standard

On diesel units 200 kW and up and on gas units 150 kW and up.

Need to connect existing equipment?

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