Battery Energy Storage Systems

Meet Your Energy Management Goals

Energy management today means balancing a combination of energy savings, energy resilience and carbon reduction. Generac’s SBE battery energy storage system is our latest addition to a portfolio of products and technologies helping commercial and industrial customers meet their current and future energy goals.
SBE1000 generator SBE500 generator

Generac’s SBE500 & SBE1000

Integrated lithium-ion energy storage system for behind-the-meter commercial & industrial applications.

Cost & Energy Savings

Maximize Value Of On-Site Solar

Store excess solar energy generated on-site for use later

Peak Demand Charge Savings

Use stored energy to offset facility and/or grid peak loads

Energy Arbitrage With ToU Rates

Benefit from Time of Use rates to intelligently store & use energy

Asset Monetization

When paired with Generac’s Grid Services, enable more cost savings

Demand Response

Shift electricity during peak hours

Energy Resilience

Resilience - Power Backup

Provide bridge power for facility critical loads during short duration outages

Grid Independence

Support grid independence via microgrid integration

Resilience - Power Quality

Limit operational disturbance from poor power quality

Clean Energy

Enabling Carbon Reduction

Enabling carbon reduction via solar panels*

*solar panels sold separately

Already know which lithium-ion battery solution you need? Configure your SBE here:Configurator

SBE500 Generator

Fully Integrated Energy Storage System

What’s in the Box?

  • Battery Racks
  • Bi-Directional Inverter
  • Fire Suppression
  • Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning
  • DC Combiner 
  • Battery Controller
  • Monitoring & Connectivity
  • Standardized 10’, 20’ Enclosures

Features and Benefits

  • LFP battery chemistry 
  • Integrated system with 480V (Check with Generac for 600V and other alternate voltages)
  • Standard blocks of power and energy for 1 to 4 hours of storage
  • Battery controller setup for standard use cases
  • Simplified integration of Generac storage and gensets on site
  • Enabling bankability with key certifications and O&M products
  • Units can be paralleled to generate higher power and energy nodes required
*Contact us for alternate power and energy node configurations 
SBE1000 Generator

Supporting a Variety of End Markets

BESS ratings

Custom Sizes to Fit Your Needs

SBE500 Generator


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SBE1000 Generator


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