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Homelink™ 50A Manual Transfer Switch

Model #9854

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Generac’s HomeLink™ manual transfer switch is compatible with generators starting at 5kW with a 50-Amp receptacle. The HomeLink™ manual transfer switch can safely deliver power to 10-16 of your most essential circuits, allowing you to back-up your refrigerator and freezer, gas furnaces, lights, small kitchen appliances and well pump. Featuring our innovative OneTouch transfer button, HomeLink™ allows for quick changes between utility and generator power for ease of use during an outage. OneTouch also features two status lights to indicate whether utility or generator power is in use.
HomeLink™ manual transfer switches are easier to install and maintain than ever before and can be upgraded for automatic functionality with home standby generators up to 12kW by simply changing the original controller, eliminating the need for a new transfer switch.
This versatile transfer switch allows you to directly power hardwired appliances such as a gas furnace, well pump, and electric water heater. These vital appliances cannot be powered with extension cords, meaning HomeLink™ is a necessity when utility power is lost. Installation by an electrician recommended. Click HERE to find a qualified electrician in your area.

Built and engineered in the USA.

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HomeLink™ Features

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5-Year Limited Warranty


We stand by our high-quality, innovative product design with a strong 5-year limited warranty.


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Upgrade to an Automatic Home Standby Generator

Thinking of upgrading from a portable generator to an automatic home standby? HomeLink™ can save you hundreds of dollars in equipment and installation costs. Click here to learn more.
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