Whole House 200A Utility / 30A Generator Manual Transfer Switch

Backup Power for the Whole House

Compatible with portable generators starting at 5kW with a 30-Amp receptacle, the whole house manual transfer switch is able to back up your entire home and all its appliances. The manual transfer switch offers the flexibility to power multiple large appliances, and turn off circuits on your main electrical panel to prevent overloading your portable generator. Additionally, the manual transfer switch is capable of delivering power to outlying buildings like a workshop, shed, or garage.

Generac recommends installation be completed by a certified electrician.

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Product Features

Direct Cord Connections

Connect your generator cord directly to the bottom of the manual transfer switch, eliminating the need for an additional power inlet box. Outdoor installations only.

Weather-proof Aluminum Enclosure (NEMA3R)

The rain-tight design offers protection from the elements in the event of a storm or other wet weather conditions.

2-Year Limited Warranty

Manufacturer backed two-year limited warranty.


Benefits of a Transfer Switch


Avoid the hassle of running extension cords all over the house to reach the refrigerator, lamps, microwave, and other appliances.

Quick Setup

Setup is easy: plug in the single cord and start your generator.

Power Hardwired Appliances

Provide direct power to hardwired appliances such as the gas furnace, well pump, and electric hot water heater and other essential circuits that cannot be connected to extension cords, making a manual transfer switch a necessity.



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Product Series:

Rated Amperage: 200

Transfer Method: Manual

Service Entrance Rated:


NEMA Rating: 3

Load Shedding:


Circuited Quantity: 10

Home Link:

Whole House:

Single Load:

Voltage: 125/250, 1Ø

Enclosure Type: 3R

Load Shed Integrated:

Canada Approved: