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Securing Your Outdoor Property from High Winds

Steps to Protecting Your Property from High Winds

Did you know it only takes winds of 40 mph to potentially damage your home and property? Following a few simple steps before severe weather strikes can help prevent significant damage to your property.

Storing vehicles in a garage or other safe space should be a high priority when preparing for high winds.
Even small objects can cause expensive damage to your vehicle’s body, windshield or paint. Removing them from outside your home can eliminate expensive repair concerns before they occur.

Objects such as garbage bins, lawn ornaments and potted plants should also be stored indoors, if possible.
Despite their light weight, these items can easily turn into projectiles and are often sturdy enough to cause significant damage when heavy winds strike. Quickly collecting and storing these items in a garage or other safe space will eliminate their potential for destruction to your property as well as any neighbors’.

Larger items such as benches and grills should be attached to a porch or other sturdy structure with cables or chains if there is time to safely do so.
If you don’t have access to a larger support structure, then ground anchors are another option. These small spiral-shaped tools can be screwed into your lawn, and you can use a cable or chain to hold down property that may be difficult to otherwise safely move on your own. These can also be helpful in securing small garden or storage sheds that may not have a strong support base.

Other property to consider securing when severe weather is on the way includes:

  • Patio furniture
  • Branches or other yard debris
  • Children’s play equipment or toys
  • Porch swings
  • Landscaping ornaments, such as sculptures or bird baths
  • Potted plants
  • Signs

Removing or reducing the amount of loose objects can minimize the damage to your property and nearby residents’ to help keep your home and family safe.

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